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  1. Thanks Watty! This is just what I was contemplating this weekend if I can't get out to fly. I have heard it said that the old bridle can be used for sleeving and leaders is that correct? What a great instructive video Thanks Terry
  2. Tide is out at my local Montrose beach I am off work It's warm And there are no dogs on the beach! Limited time but every second counts !,,! Take Care Terry
  3. John, Took me about 3 to 4 weeks to get from a reputable dealer in the UK. Guess its not a stock line here in UK. Best of luck. Terry
  4. I have put mine on a golf trolley skeleton to stop it getting soaked at St Andrews. Keeps it standing upright. Take Care Terry
  5. Car ! And the wheels turned as it moved forward and back
  6. Hi Stickerman, Sorry not to meet you there, sunscreen and lip sol always in the kite bag! Take care Terry
  7. Only the odd Herring Gull, who normally gets a bit of a shock when the Rev flies towards them. But the sky and wind is for us all! Take care Terry
  8. A great thank you to the Flying Squad for their warm welcome at Berck. The two Steve's Helen and Gary worked hard in the conditions to produce some great set piece performances in the ever changing wind from ultra light kites no wind and running out of arena space to skeletal like kites fighting with 40 mph gusts! Thanks to Helen and Steve for their coaching tips to help me get to understand some of the mysteries of controlling a rev. Lastly a big hug from Hilary to Gary for the coffee on a cold miserable day. Hope to see you all again soon Terry and Hilary
  9. Looks great! No doubt you will be in the Berck sky next weekend. See you there!
  10. Hey, Long way from Aberdeen Scotland, we will take the tunnel on Friday am and park up in Berck on Friday. Unfortunately we must leave the next Friday for tunnel on early Saturday morning. So looking forward to another great week. Look for the eyes on the beach
  11. Hi, Sticker man, Madquad, Chua, Felix, et all, Hilary and I will be starting our motorhome pilgrimage to Berck from Aberdeen on Thursday 11 th. Will be on the sand by Friday afternoon Hope to see you all there, will have my eyes in the sky! Knowing what I do of Singapore suggest you and your pals Chua bring some warm clothes! I can supply hot tea for you. Take Care Terry
  12. ha That is what I said two kites ago! Lovely zen S'man!
  13. Pictures please as its on my wish list. Terry
  14. Hi from Aberdeenshire, Best advice from a second year novice is to buy the rev bag..... As you will fill it as the obsession grows. It's a lonely sport here in the uk, you will be mostly self taught, although this site the community and others are a wealth of experience. You are not too far from Fusion could be a good idea for you to hook up with them. I started with a full sail SLE bullet proof, then a full vent the a Bazzer eyes cos I could not resist it. Next is a shook weave, and a zen. Rods it's race for me lines I still use stock 82ft have 120's and 50's. Handles started with stock 13 made my own 15 and like both in different conditions. The only thing I miss is others to fly and learn from, Berk is my yearly pilgrimage. You take care and enjoy, maybe we can meet some day. Terry
  15. Sad on hand luggage this trip no rev awwwwwwww.....

  16. Hi Dave,

    Yes still playing with toys!

    My mantra is

    "He who dies with the most toys wins!"

  17. Me to And I think the orange is just great David. Is it the vented? Oh yes and on the line leangths, take the time to see the JB tutorial it's worth it when you get in the air again! Take care. Terry
  18. Setting Great Kites marvelous Pilot spot on It's in my favorite list. Thanks Watty Take Care
  19. Hi Felix I would love to come down to see you all for the weekend. If you firm it up let me know, I may not be able to meet your standards to fly with you all. It would be worth the trip from the frozen north! Take Care Terry
  20. Shook weave DROOOOL How early can I write my Christmas list :confused!: Take Care Terry.
  21. Hi, I made some 15 inch handles from some second hand units on eBay I found these make me steady my input a little and they are great for long lines on a light wind day Have also some 11 inch units from a speed series, these I have experimented with a little. This is a great game to experiment in, I used to be afraid of changing anything but now ... Hey the wind is always different! Sometimes you get lost in all the changes, so now I only change one thing and Test Test Test Take Care Terry
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