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  1. I wish I lived on the west coast for this kinda of stuff.
  2. I cannot make it I have gone back to work on restrictions. For a few weeks. Maybe next time.
  3. Yeah pete, Your house is absolutely awsome I love the photography done to it I see he did what is called hdr photography for it. Its used in alot for architecture and landscape. Shoot u can street fly in the driveway. lol
  4. Thursday might work wife is out of town for a concert just have to figure when I have tto drop her off at her friend.
  5. Just got home from MI kitefest nice to see some old friends. And new ones had a gret time.
  6. I have been out to school craft several times on weds never see rev flyers lol I am willing to meet any were lyon twn is closer. So we should meet. Chris
  7. Yeah my daughter has started to take intrest in my rev 1.5. But the scary thing is so has my wife. If anyone wants to meet up and fly at lyon twn. Park I'm game lansing is only 45 mins away
  8. Got a late start heading down to Michigan Kitefest 2011 in Richland MI. Not competing but more going to understand and may get some time in on the rev while im there.
  9. There is a turtorial on line management. That shows both taking? Lines on and on handles
  10. Yeah I plan on attending but not. Compete I need some help hands on. I've had great. Success but learning from someone is always better.
  11. Any fliers want to meet and fly...please let me know I need to fly wiith some rev flyer's
  12. Thanks i love homer simpson
  13. The rev 1.5 is a great kite i just swithed to revs from many yrs of dualie flying due to a spinal injury. you will gladly fall in love with sport it is addicting.
  14. Yeah im finding out that revs are more therapy...
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