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  1. Thanks! But i'm afraid of ruin the lines using needle. It's very easy to catch some fiber... Maybe I should shorten all the four lines since both knots are very close to the end of the lines. I'll give it a try.
  2. Hi all, I've noticed 2 little knot in 2 of my lines. They are simple overhand knot but I'm unable to untie them because they are too small. I have a set of LPG 90 lb. I've check my lines and don't think that those knots affect the lines length in a perceptible way. Can this knots compromise the strength of the lines? Can I leave them in place or I have to untie them? thanks!
  3. Indeed is not a ferrule. that was the origin of my confusion..
  4. Thanks everybody for the answers! I was expecting external metal ferrules, so I was a little confused. Also, the connection between the LE spars is not very tight, they separate really easily so I had some doubts... Thanks again!
  5. Hi, I've just recived a rev 1.5 from the states (I live and usually buy in Italy). The rev doesn't have the SLE, it has standard 3 wrap frame. I've noticed the leading edge doesn't have any ferrules between spars, the center spar simply fit into the outer spars. Is it safe to fly without ferrules or there's the risk of breaking the L.E.? thanks
  6. had fun making some pattern, hope you enjoy
  7. Hi, I'm not getting a rev stack any soon, I simply can't afford it now... But I'd like to know more about stacking. I know that a stack (obviously) pull more than a single kite but does it requires less wind to fly or it requires the same amount of wind of the single kite? Or a massive stack can fly with no wind? Can a pilot perform the same trick that he can do with a single kite with a stack? I guess you can't do a catch/trow, but a filc flac for example? is it possible? thanks
  8. Hi, I know this is a old topic, I was reading this and found the original project for the rev 1.5 by Guido Maiocchi... In the project you can find all the details for the magic sticks ("accrocchio" in italian btw) and also 2 different bridle design (interesting imo). the project is for a complete rev 1.5 with a custom vented paneling (mabye some of you see this paneling in some videos). Hope you enjoy http://sites.google.com/site/ventozero/piani-di-costruzione
  9. Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know. If the difference are small and not noticeable for a noob I'll go fo a standard rev I. Anyway If the custom sedgwick has a reasonable price (let's say 50$ more than the standard one) maybe I'll pick one. Just sent a Mail to the company... thanks again guys.
  10. hi guys, I'd like to buy a Rev I but have some trouble making a decision. I read John's opinion on the sedgwick paneling but I really don't like the sedgwick colors... so here's my questions: Is the flight precision that different between the standard rev I and the sedgwick model? There's a way to get a custom color sedgwick? (Love the one John uses in this video) Thanks!
  11. Hi, I found john's article very interesting (http://www.kitelife....d40/content.php) but there is a point that I don't understand. I'm not english or american, so I have some difficulties understanding articles when tecnical/slang language is used. I'm very interested in the "gain ground section" of the article but I don't understand how to perform it. When I got the kite at the top of the wind window what do I have to do? How do I make the L.E. point donward and what to do next and wich position the kite assume? thanks for the attention and greetings from Italy.
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