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  1. I get a real kick out of taking my Rev to the top of the window, turning it 180, diving towards the ground, with the brakes completely off (to get that quick, loud flutter), stopping 5 feet from the ground, flipping it over and gently landing for a second, only to take off to the top of the window. I love my Revolution 1.5 (my first and only Rev...for now). Today the wind accepted my kite like a gentle lover and it was good. If I ever get to fly somewhere with a STEADY breeze I am gonna be golden.
  2. Thanks for the great advice. Jeepster, that was what I eventually did; I focused on one line at a time and it did work. Pete, the idea of simply asking for help is a GREAT idea and it didn't cross my mind. I have found that kids just love to watch my kite and I'm sure there would have been many volunteers. I also need to keep my area awareness sharp and not get focused too hard on just the kite. But it's just so darn purty!!! My dad always told me to learn something new and at 52, I know my father would be proud of me. Thanks again every one for your advice. Ooooooo....usairnet.com says wind today!!! May your skies be blue and your Revolution full. Peace.
  3. So...I have been flying at a local school. Last evening, I had found what I thought was an unused soccer field. I flew for twenty minutes before I noticed a small crowd behind me. Many of the people there were kids wearing soccer gear. I landed, yanked out my earphones, and asked a woman holding a clipboard if there was a soccer practice. I apologized profusely (I think it is important to be a respectful kiter), QUICKLY wound my lines and moved to another area. My lines were a bit of a mess and I decided to remove the lines from the handles also so that I could quickly untangle them. Rut-roh! That was a BIG mistake. I spent an hour on the field trying to clear them but frustration soon set in and of course, the wind was no help. Needless to say, my flying for the evening was over and I spent the next 3 hours at home sorting out this ever increasing mess. Whew, the satisfaction of once again having usable lines. It was a difficult way to learn a lesson but I'm kinda hard-headed and this seems to work the best for me. The hard way. FEAR THE KNOT!!! May your skies be blue and your wind steady. Peace.
  4. Pete, thanks for the tip: I am now on the member map. Click on my location and you can almost smell the cereal being made. Got those hands bicycling today. It sure is beautiful watching that Rev SLOWLY turn a 360. It certainly takes more exaggerated moves the slower it spins. What a hoot! 3 hours later I figured I better go home. I did have a township officer watch me from his patrol car for a short time. Must be there aren't any warrants out for me. Whew! My mistake; I thought I read somewhere that iQuad WOULD be at Grand Haven this year. I hope they make it. I'll look for a yellow hat.
  5. Pete, I'm in Battle Creek, born and raised. I fly at the school I went to. Quite large and open. The kids are on spring break. I will have to make it evening flights until school closes for the summer. I wouldn't want security to think I should be in class instead of flying "that contraption". "Course, one look at all the grey hair and that concern would be out the window Jeepster, I would love to attend the festival in Grand Haven. Actually, I wonder if I could get the iQuad team to all sign my kite? Oh my, 52 and now I'm a groupie. Thanks for the awesome advice, all of you. May your wind be steady and your Rev full.
  6. I live 90 minutes away from Lake Michigan. I can't wait for warmer weather. I want to ride my motorcycle to the lake with my new Rev 1.5 and see what it's like to fly in smooth wind. Well, smooth for Michigan. I have the fever...BAD. I'm trying to come up with a way to store my kite on my bike, sorta Rifleman style. I know I want to keep the kite bag opening DOWNWIND. A kite ejecting from a motorcycle at 60 mph will not end well. Unless it's a full vent .
  7. Greetings all! After I ordered my first Revolution kite, a Rev1.5 SLE, (Thank you Corey at WindPower Sports) I started lurking in this forum. My only kite experience was with a two-line. All the talk of frames, vent vs. no vent, weights, line length...ARGH! I was intimidated. The kite arrived and I went to a park. Karma spoke and alas, not much wind. Of course, this was with the SLE. I wasn't sure what was up so I initially started with that. Two different days with dismal results. I came back to the forum to learn...and sulk. Two days later, after checking wind conditions at usairnet.com, I knew that today this bad boy would see some altitude. I put in the SUL. Wow. I am an enthusiastic member of the dark side! After I dropped my 2 line bad habits I had a blast. I must say, these kites are tough! It still cracks me up that I could hear that baby WHUMP into the ground over my iPod. I did split a washer on the bungee for the left spar but Superglue got me back in the air. So much to learn and it's gonna be a real joy to "go to school". A big shout out to usairnet.com for wind reports, to Google satellite maps for helping me find a great local place to fly, to Revolution for making such a wonderful product and to the members of this forum, for being SO generous with your advice and help. We may never meet but I sure feel like I have a whole new bunch of friends. If more people were hipped to the joys of kiting, I think the number of prescriptions for Zoloft and Paxil would drop dramatically. May your winds be steady and your hearts be joyful. P.S. If I can learn to fly in these GUSTY Michigan winds, nothing can stop me.
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