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  1. A little video of some of the teams practicing at Portsmouth together. With multi-lingual calling from Mr. Hoath.
  2. Yes, it is a better flying kite, more snappy and precise. Also, when you take into account you get two types of frame (a frame is about £75 retail) and a better layout of panels with more stitching involved, then it looks like a bargain compared to an SLE or EXP. You will enjoy whatever you get, but the 1.5B will provide you with more 'space to grow'. They are very tough and will take a beating, so don't worry about that.
  3. Was a great weekend. Thankyou to all the teams who turned up and suffered the poor flying of us mere mortals. Also thankyou to those who took the time to fly with us and call for us, probably some of the best fun of the whole weekend. Probably lucky the licensing ended early at the pub, would have had less flying and not felt good. Although Gary did find a way round it, start early
  4. Wide wind range is the tricky bit. A full vented will fly in 8mph, with practice, but really you want 12mph or more. A Full sail will fly in 15mph or more, but be very twitchy at the upper end. The EXP is a great starter, but you will run into the limits of the kite as you improve. The SLE is a good kite and you can spend years refining your skills with it. The JB is probably the best value for money as you get two frames with it. Either a 2 and 3 wrap or 3 and 4 wrap for the fully vented. Each 'wrap' adds strength, stiffness and weight. A frameset is normally about £75 so the little extra for the JB is a good investment and the kite will last a very long time. You would be amazed at the abuse these things can take. All of the above are 1.5. The rev 1 is lovely to fly, but like a truck compared to the 1.5. A lot slower and 'heavier', they don't fly like the majority you saw at Portsmouth without some serious modification. I learnt on a Rev 1 and flew it in every wind, even when I was getting dragged down the field! Probably not a good thing in retrospect, but they only made the Rev 1 then. Having looked at the item in question on e-bay, I would be a little concerned about the lines. They are probably way too short and too heavy, could also be a stretchier type material. Ideally they should be spectra and at least 80 foot.
  5. Try making the width of the open file 1000 pixels or less. A 2mb jpeg is potentially HUGE if the jpeg compression is set to medium or less quality. You really only need a 1 megapixel or less for screen viewing, any more is wasted.
  6. Bought some bridle line to convert a 10 foot DLK into a quad, but that is as far as I got. This was before the internet was available and I just didn't have any info or knowledge to start it. Could make an interesting project now though. The Delta flies like a drunken albatross as is (although it could be the pilot) so could be a good change.
  7. Rev 1 with Race rods is quite nice on the lighter wind days, expanding your wind range, allowing you to fly more. Sounds a bargain too.
  8. hi Ross. I would get a fully vented SLE if you want a kite for high winds. This should fly nicely from about 12mph up, 10mph or slightly less when you get a bit of practice in. Being in Scotland, I would assume high wind conditions are your normal flying weather? Full sail would be a great first kite, but if you have a high wind it gets very twitchy and can 'take off' forwards suddenly unless you are very subtle on the controls.
  9. No response regards room yet. Anyone else?
  10. My early setups for Rev flying were:- 0-3mph - Book and a cup of coffee, enjoy being outside. 4-10 mph - Rev 1, 'revolution equipped' T300 frame, 100' spektra. 11-15 mph - Rev 1, 'revolution equipped' T300 frame, 100' spektra. 16-20 mph - Rev 1, 'revolution equipped' T300 frame, 100' spektra. 20-25mph - Rev 1, 'revolution equipped' T300 frame, 100' spektra, and grippy shoes. 25+ mph - coffee and book in the car/cafe waiting for the wind to drop. After getting a Rev II - 7+mph - Rev II 80' lines If you want a kite to cover a large range, the B2 has to be it. Any problems past that are 'user error'.
  11. Did a vague like for like test with a fellow flyer and his 1.5 SLE vs my 1.5 JB (I think the vented, but can't remember). Basically tested the size of maximum wind window. The JB won in all directions slightly, both on 120' LPG. He may have had a race frame in compared to my 3 wrap as well. As to how that translates to overall flying performance, I have no idea. I do know the JB sail pattern is supposed to improve in performance as it stretches, and mine is a shiny new one.
  12. How bizarre! Was chatting to a another rev flyer at the weekend and he plays African drums.
  13. Love flying the Rev II. Hope I win the B2...
  14. Trust me, up at Dunstable with the 'B' team it rarely matters
  15. yep. 120's are the way forward. Flying with others 'in formation' is great for learning. Although, I do think we have been getting a little ambitious for both our skills and wind conditions in the last couple of weeks. Did some great line platts though, nine sets of lines get rather 'heavy' like that.
  16. hope there is a little more wind though!
  17. Car pass received. Room requested.
  18. Hmmm, I know where you are coming from with the 'top lines in = more lift'. Logic says that the more angle you put on the kite, the more lift you get. Not always the case with a Rev. I flew today in some pretty slack wind to start with but had my top lines one in from the end. That's one in from maximum brake. I find this keeps the sail loaded far better and gives drive. A simple rule I use is that if the trailing edge is blowing rasperries at you then you have too little break and are losing lift/drive. In a slack wind hovering is very, very difficult without using your legs. Oh, and you get more lift on an inverted hover.
  19. According to the member map (http://www.revkites.com/forum/membermap/) there is someone near Boise.
  20. Oh, a tip for those having knee surgery (and to a certain extent, any orthopaedic surgery). Ice and movement are a huge help to a speedy recovery. Ice 3+ times a day. 5-10 mins at a time, if it aches that's plenty long enough!. Movement is also key. the joint surfaces have no blood supply, they get nutrition from the fluid in the joint. If you don't move it the fluid thickens and you get adhesions which are REALLY not nice to get gone. Also the cartilage (joint surface) doesn't get enough nutrition to maintain itself or heal in the case of miniscus or cartilage surgery. ALWAYS DO YOUR PHYSIOTHERAPY! It is for your own good, not just your physiotherapists sadistic tendencies. If I had a pound for every patient I have seen with knee problems after surgery as they felt 'rest and immobilisation' was better than the physio and advice they had been given, I would have a house like Pete's! Disclaimer: The advice of your surgeon is specific to you and should be followed, this is only a GENERAL piece of advice and may not apply to your specific circumstance. Check with your surgeon first before following it!
  21. Um, no metalwork but.... multiple dislocations of shoulders resulting in osteoarthritis in the gleno-humeral joint (mainly right). Not beaten until the right became almost unusable, reconstructive surgery ensued. 2 cracked ribs 1 week before a black belt grading. Took the exam and passed. Rather uncomfortable that one. Also two and a half teeth lost at various points in training, never really bothered me although the blood made me choke a bit and put my sparing partners off. Fell climbing before getting my first bit of protection in, ~30 ft. No fractures as far as I know, but whiplash, several deep cuts, lots of skin lost (fell on millstone grit) and bruised kidneys. Was climbing again 1 month later. Prolapsed disc at L5/S1. That took me out for about three months and have never been quite the same since. Sciatic symptoms for 6 years after, 24 hours a day. Osteopath eventually cured that one. Carried on kickboxing for another three or four years afterwards, but with the politics that came with the high grade and other bits of life getting priority I ended up stopping. Can't feel 'texture' with the sole of my left foot any more. Left knee not too clever, right one crunches nicely. Oh, and I sound like a set of marackers first thing in the morning till I get moving. Still, I can fly my revs and haul people around the treatment couch all day, so all is good
  22. Well, my connection went kaploui along with my cable tv service, so definately offline for me! All back to normal now. I use Chrome, very fast and aside from my cable issue haven't noticed a slow down.
  23. 3. Go to the pub and buy the judge a pint.
  24. Also, if you fly with a group regularly, try and match lines with them. Different makes can wear each other to a greater/lesser extent.
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