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  1. hi. Global rev count.. :-) cool to see the result from the jury... Dan F. 2 std. 2 mid-vtd. 2 vtd 1 extra vtd. 1 indoor 1 polo rev. Louise M.J. 2 std. 2 mid-vtd. 1 vtd. Niels T.J. 2 std. 2 mid-vtd. 2 vtd. 1 extra-vtd. 1 indoor 1 Zen 1 20th. anniversary
  2. Hello Ben. Thank you for your kind thought. and thanks to the Revolution team. And I look forward to the next time we can be together. :-) Many greetings from the rest of kiteteamfoodie Dan
  3. @ BEN ..... "Bens sale oh boy"...... You got mail, my friend :-)
  4. We very much look forward to fly with you all. and we are very excited for the trip. And thank you for all the tips. It gives us an idea of ​​what to work on! see u all, Dan
  5. Thanks Watty Yes, I ought as a member of kite life, might take advantage of this good page and have looked at the wide range of training films available on kitelife.com :-) :-) And this was not an advertising :-) ...... !
  6. Hey Rev. airmen I want to hear if there are some who have some really good exercises that you can use for training to WSIKF 13. I'm looking for exercises that are to intermediate Rev. pilots. possible a series of exercises or routines that make it easier to grasp a flight with such a large mega team. I know precision, hoover and narrow turns ect is important. But combining it in a training session? Thank you in advance
  7. HI haino Well congratulations to them, I am looking forward to see them in live. Håber på du kommer til NKM 2013 ?
  8. they are just so awesome the two masterpieces. one more wish for Christmas Eve
  9. thanks for all the corresponding answers. I just think I will live the stains are on the kite. But the next new kite, I will ensure that the excess color is washed off before I fly with it.
  10. Hi all. I am relatively new to this forum. but have flown kites over the last 6-7 years, but became aware of the Revolution for 1 ½ years ago. Since then I have not flown anything but four lined Revolution. hope I can expand my knowledge on this forum.
  11. I am aware of my lack of drying the kites. But are there some who have tried to remove the stains.
  12. I'll try to upload a photo.
  13. Hi, I have three Revolution in black / red in the JB version. they are about. 1 ½ years old and have been used extensively, both in sunshine and rainy weather And before I can manage to get home to hang them to dry. And the red color rubbed off on the white center piece of the fabric where the Revolution logo sits. Are there others who have tried this and might have succeeded in removing this Red excess color on the white fabric?
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