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  1. I know alot of you may disagree with this post but one time i has an issue with getting "bag bleed" from a damp kite bag bleeding color onto my Prism power kite. It stained the white areas with black magic marker looking stains. I called Prism and they recommened i try a product called "K2R". You can fiind it on the internet but my local hardware had it in stock. They use it for marine purposes, etc. It is in an aerosol can with a fine brush on top and comes out almost like a spray powder. Believe it or not it worked well getting off all of the stains and did not damage the material. The said that they use it all the time when they clean kites for customers. Hope this helps anyone.......
  2. my order of attack goes 0-2 mph indoor rev, 3-6 mph Zen, 7+ mph 1.5 series, 12+ vented. Sounds a bit routine now that i look at it on paper but for the most part if there is hardly any wind at all or no wind or some swirly light wind the indoor flies great outside and the new frame they come with is fatter than the old style so they are made quite a bit stronger. If the winds are light to steady, ill get the 1.5 out and see what i can do but if i struggle with keeping it aloft, then i pull out the trusty Zen and it never lets me down. The Zen flys in some pretty bad wind conditions in my own expierence and handles diffrently but much the same. I was uncertain about my Zen at first but it has been my go to kite in horrible wind condtions and never dissapoints me. Like john said to me...." I am glad you found some Zen".
  3. I will take some video of Lee to post for all, if i can "coax" him to get a stack out. A few weeks ago when i went up, the winds were too high to fly a stack so he was kite surfing instead. Supposed to be 7 mph winds which is looking good! Again, sorry for the last minute. I am glad to see there is an interest which if planned right could make for more organized flys in the upcoming months with some long distance friends! Here is Lee kite surfing a few weeks ago......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro1d67I1cKU
  4. My apologies for not posting earlier. I just recently learned it is importaint to take a "pro active" position in the kiting world. Would have been an honor and a surprise to all. Thank you for your thoughts.
  5. Hello all, Many of you may not know but this weekend is DPI weekend (Discover Presque Isle) in Erie, PA. This is one of the largest kite gatherings in PA for the year. Lots of rev stacks and good winds. This will be a 20th anniversary gathering of the Fly Pittsburgh Kite Club as well as an allways enjoyed fly with Lee Sedgwick and the Erie flyers. If anyone on the "west coast" would like to attend, the cost is free, and i can help with any arrangments you may need.
  6. man..... i loved every minute of this video. Amazing control demonstration, beautiful rev, awesome camera shot, artistic setting. Made me smile, made me laugh. Got the illusion that the kite looked like a animal flying on its own. Loved wthe way you worked around the camera and the rock. Thank you!!!
  7. is there a big difference between a B series and the sul forgetting about the rods and the bridle weight differences? (i really need spelling checker....)
  8. John, Awesome information, I am shocked as i thought the indoor rev was a fairly new release, but it has been out for 10 years! Also the finding out the SUL has been out for over 16 years is a great comparison where to put the Zen in terms of technology. I sure am comng in late in the game. Any idea if that Neos Omega is sort of a "cult classic" still find them around for sale things or is that a not even a possibility? I seen a few pics of one but never for sale.
  9. Does anyone know if there is an actual basic listing or post of when and what kites and rods, handles,etc.. were released from Revolution? Can anyone comment on the following to say this is a pretty close list and add to it or remove from it? - 1988 Neos Omega - 1989 Revolution I - 1990 Revolution II - 1995 Revolution 1.5 - 1998 Revolution 1.5 SLE - 2006 Revolution I vented - 2009 REV 1.5 John Barresi_Pro - 2010 ZEN - ???? Indoor Rev - ???? Revolution 1.5 SUL - 2011 Revolution B2 - ???? Lee Sedgwick Signature - ???? Rev Blast - ???? Revolution 1.5 John Barresi Signature
  10. i found this interesting post from 2 years ago ....... http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/3065-zen/
  11. what did they do diffrently to make it into a sul and having said that, is there a big diffrence between a B series and the sul forgetting about the rods and the bridle weight diffrences?
  12. I have also noticed that on my Zen the leading edge material is very thick and cant be lighweight compared to my other revs.
  13. can anyone comment if they have ever compared the 1.5 super ultra light with a Zen? I have a Zen and the two things i notice while flying are its size and weight. When trying to do 360's in 0-3mph winds it is real easy to keep hitting the ground with the tip unless you get the zen up higher due to its size and when weighing the zen it almost weighs in at 9 ounces with frame which is much heavier than b series with race at 7 ounces or indoor rev at 6 ounces which sounds a bit weird given this being the ultimate light wind kite. One thing that i am learning is when flying the zen in 0-3 mph winds and wind is constantly changing directions, it seems that the added weight could be to an advantage over somehing so lightweight as the indoor in helping hold momentum until the wind direction shifts again. Please correct me if i am wrong. Can anyone comment on the 1.5 super ultra light possibly being a better choice over the Zen or what anyone thinks about the 1.5 super ultra light comparing to a 1.5 B series with race rods? I know the bridle weight is diffrent, but what else would give the super ultra light the advantage over these two other kites. In anyones other opinion, has the Zen become the newer and better choice for 0-3 mph flying or is there still a place to have a super ultra light in your bag? Dealers are welcome. Thanks!
  14. well that answers what i was thinking! Yes the material is the same but it seems that the way the sail is sewn the B is designed for better purpose, such as the case most people recommend a B and race rods for zero to light wind flying. I always figured same material, same rods, same kite...should work but its not. It feels good to be wrong sometimes......thanks for the help
  15. hey KWMF, i love all of your posts and we have answered a few of each others questions before which you have been a big help. After reading through the all of the replys i have come to realize that you may have the same disease as me. I have become a huge rev addict and i believe that we now simply have too many choices to choose from. My rev flying seems to have taken a turn for the worse and it now feels like an example of going fishing...... asking myself,,, how strong are the winds today? what linesest should i use? what pound test will be best? what handle lenght today? which rev should i fly,,1.5, Zen, B series, etc.? what rods should i use???? on and on....... sorta sounds like which rod should i use, what lure should i use, where should i pick to go, top or bottom of water, float or no float,,on and on..... I have literally backed myself up in a corner with all of these choices and worse yet, when someone says to you....get the race rods because they work for me,,,you get the race rods. Great examle for me is the Zen. I thought it was a magical light wind kite from everyone bragging how great it was. Got me excited. I got the Zen and took it out on a horrible day and had greats results with it and thought it waas magic. I few weeks later i took it out again on another bad wind day and struggled with it as well. I think this is the point i am trying to make. Years before i got into revs there was only a handful to choose from and it all worked then. Worring about what flys best and when only makes things worse for me when it doesnt work after it did work. Dont get me wrong, there is "some" truth to the right basic setup, but in comparison, when i see you ask some of these questions, i feel like you are reading my mind and asking the same question i was going to ask..... In response to your question.....in tough condition such as swirley changing winds...0-3mph...indoor rev outdoors, 4-10mph 1.5sle or b series with 3 wrap frame or race frame, 4-10 mph Zen with zen frame, higher winds i use vented b, very low winds i use 15' or 35' lineset, normal or high winds i use 75' or 120' lineset. mostly use 13" handles but have used 15" in very light winds or indoor handles with indoor rev. I try to look at bad winds as a challenge and fun but i have also thrown the handles down in disgust and lost my cool as well in very poor winds. Some people make it look very, very easy....
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