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  1. I had an issue last year at the kite festival in OC Marlyland where there were a few of us set up in the middle of the beach under some of the big infaltables, and we ahd been there all day flying. One of the lifeguards riding a fourwheeler drove into the flying area, and was warned to not continue due to the hazard in front of him. He ignored the warning and raced ahead, becomming ensnared by the lines to my kite. After 10 minutes of untangling the lifeguard and four wheeler from my lines, the lifeguard raced away without even a trace of an apology. I spent the next hour salvaging my lines. The next morning it was rumored that a lifeguard was injured by a kiter, and I had to set the record straight. That lifeguard was truly an obliviot.
  2. adammandes

    Quilt By Lise

    From the album: Adam's Revs

    Handmade quilt by my sister Lise. Notice the two Rev's in the center of the quilt.
  3. Hey Bart, I do have a blue / black mid vent JB series lightly used that I will sell with an unopened accessory pack. CD, handles and weights. PM if your friend wants to make a deal. Adam
  4. Hello Bart, I have a couple of Mid Vents if he would be interested in those. They are icarex sails, white and black. Very good condition. If interested, let me know and I will give more details. Also an SLE.
  5. I love my Shook Masterpiece! The higher the wind the better it handles!
  6. Hey man! Just checking in to see how you are doing! Hope you are feeling better!
  7. Hang in there man. Ive got two other friends who have gone through it, and they are good to go today! There were times they did not want to keep it up, but they did, and they are doing great!
  8. I am eagerly awaiting the release of what you have, so my vote is for an immediate release, and then updating as you see fit (or have time for).
  9. I have recently aquired some wonderful masterpiece kites from a fellow in the UK. I would love it you would like to display them on your site. One is by Scott Hampton, and the other is by Jon Burkhardt. They are both fantastic kites, and I woudl be very proud if you put them on display. I will send you photos if you would like. Great Job!!!!!
  10. Really great job. Its really nice to have a reference available. Looking forward to the Masters tab!
  11. adammandes

    Zen 2011

    From the album: Adam's Revs

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