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  1. Yes it is a nice place to fly !
  2. Hi A small video .... Hope you enjoy http://skym8s.dk/arkiver/578
  3. Nice ones Heino !! Hope we soon can fly together !!!! Congrats with them !!
  4. That was funny to watch... Thanks for sharing
  5. Hi My wife and me will also be in Berck the whole week
  6. tspdk

    New Ferrules

    Sounds great Ben Then we hope the some of them will be send to Europe !!
  7. to late... Happy Birthday Lolly
  8. Thank you for answers : Then I will make a new bridle for my Xtra-Vented
  9. Hi Maybe a stupid question... Is the Bridle on the Bazzer Pro's the same as on a Normal JB Rev 1.5 Bridle ?
  10. Happy birthday from Denmark
  11. tspdk


    Hi All rev pilots We are some pilots who have startet a new website about revolution flying in Denmark. Website to visit is http://www.revblog.dk We hope that this will give you some info about the Revolution flying in little Denmark.
  12. I will... I just need the Rods.. So as soon I have them I will make a follow up on it !
  13. HI Thank you all for the feedback.. I will try to put my Standard 1.5 Race Rods in my X-VTD and see how it works. Green Race ?? Can't get them here in Europe
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