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  1. Cheers for the reply.....Do you fly static or do you also use a buggy or landboard? I'm interested in the 2-4 & 4-8 Blast kites as potential buggy engines for a friend of mine who has had some 'issues' with the lift of the gruntier powerkites. My concern is that if you can't harness the kite you are going to be limited in the duration of your runs and also that you won't maximise the potential of the kite (as your arms will be acting as shock-absorbers). As I mentioned above, the REV pilot in the video appears (to me) to be using powerkite handles, have you tried this? How does it affect the handling of the kite? Presumably if the kite flies well on powerkite handles, a strop and roller might be useable after all? Sorry for the grilling, I'm just trying to get this all straight in my head so I can recommend a sensible alternative to my friend. All the best Andy S. PS - I'm guessing the wind was around 15mph in the video? We don't have enough palm trees around here for me to be a good judge of their bendyness!
  2. Quiet in here innit? I keep on hearing about the amazing power of the Blast series, but I've still not seen much actual evidience of it....I've found only one video of a Blast hauling a buggy and nothing in that video suggests that the kite (a Blast 2-4) is any more powerful than my 3m Blade III, certainly my 4.9m would have been dragging the buggy downwind in the same conditions and as for my 6.6m..... Nor have I seen many comments from keen Blast users explaining how they actually harness all this wonderful power.....In the video Joe Hadzicki appears to be using powerkite handles with no strop.....Presumably therefore the Blast handles themselves are not suitable for use in traction sports? Based on what I've seen so far I would be extremely reluctant to trade in my fixed bridle foils for a Blast in the expectation of power. So, come on Power-REVvers.....Convince me that I'm wrong! Believe me I'm more than open to persuasion; I was once adamantly against both Arcs and landboarding, but after being shown the way by experienced users I now own one of each and wouldn't be without either. Indeed I'm already partly converted to REVs, as I have come to believe that static flying powerkites is pretty pointless once you own a REV, but I'm still going to need some convincing that flying a REV for traction is worthwhile when you own a quiver of powerkites (or one good depower). All the best Andy S.
  3. I'm a powerkiter hoping to get a straight answer about Blast kites, so far the silence has been deafening.....Any chance of some back to back comparisons with powerkites of various sizes? All the best Andy S.
  4. Weather's been barmy lately.....Had to pack away sharpish today when what had been a lovely sunny day with a steady(ish) 8-10mph suddenly turned into thunderheads, hailstones and REVbending gusts of 20mph+!
  5. Do you ever get to Aberavon (sounds like a song)? Haven't had the REV out there yet, but my faceprint can often be found on the beach!
  6. Re: Line management - Beware of Red Clover when flying alone.....I s**t thee not, the damned stuff laid me low several times last year when I was flying solo! The rear lines would snag a seed head then eventually ping it out of the ground with sufficient force to propel it through at least two other lines while simultaneously throwing several loops of each line around the offending object......I got very good at sorting out bird's nests as a result. Freshly mowed fields with a few twigs scattered on them can also wreak havoc. FWIW & All the best Andy S.
  7. Wobbly But Still Airborne

  8. Possibly slightly unrelated, but never let a good thread go to waste.....After a couple of hours flying my 4.1m Twister II powerkite in 20mph winds, my arms would be aching good and proper, I've not flown a fixed bridle as large as 8m (6.6m Blade III is my biggest FB), but I can imagine it would be quite taxing without the ability to harness the kite in some fashion.....Given the alleged (as I haven't flown one) power of the 2-4 & 4-8 Blast kites, have Revolution ever considered some means of adding a strop to the kite handles? Would it even be possible to do so? Is there a need to do so, or do the flight characteristics of the kite reduce the strain on the fliers arms compared to an equivalent powerkite? TIA & All the best Andy S. PS - What lines do the bigger Blast kites use.....200lb is pretty puny compared to the lines on my traction kites; the 5m Ozone Haka's front lines are rated to 300Kg, but the 4-8 Blast is alleged to be significantly more powerful! PPS - I'd be very interested to hear the perspective of any buggiers (boarders too) who use the Blast kites.....Does anyone know of any reviews of these kites written from that perspective (with back to back comparisons with powerkites if possible)?
  9. My REV is now the only choice for static flying.....If the wind is sufficiently strong to make it look unhappy, then it's also sufficient to get me shifting with the Speed, Blade etc. etc. The wind locally's been fairly mild of late, so the REV's getting a lot of use.....Seeing as this is exactly what I wanted from a REV in the first place, I couldn't be happier! I'm trying to fine tune my brake settings at the moment as I'm still struggling with the inverse hover (will be working on the reverse launch and hold exercise on my next flight). My overall kite control seems to have improved somewhat (ie: I have a little now) and my current ambition is to gently touch a tip down on one of the goalposts on my local field.....I've got close a few times, but it's fairly swirly on there (trees & houses) and I'm on 80' lines (I think) so judging the distance is proving a bit tricky.....Especially when there are four West-Highland Terriers chasing the kite plus my own two Lurchers trying valiantly to distract or chase them away so that I can get on with it (my dogs too have come to love my REV dearly as they know that when the REV bag comes out they are in for an afternoon of freedom on the field)! REVs.....Can't recommend them enough! All the best Andy S. PS - The landboard is looking lush.....But that's another story! PPS - Baloo.....There's a campover (Wallop Relocated) from 1st to 5th June at EKS in Kempsey.....The WKM lads will almost certainly be there every day and I'm pretty sure some REVspace could be arranged if required (cos' if anyone else flies their Flexifoil into my B-Series there will be harsh words ).
  10. Well, I never thought it would happen, but it has.....My powerkites haven't been flown static at all this year, they have remained ensconced in their bags unless there's been enough wind to get moving on a landboard, whereas my REV has been out every time so much as a leaf has stirred. FWIW & All the best Andy S. PS - Still haven't bought the race rods.....They accidentally turned into a Trampa Landboard!
  11. Hi Mik, Welcome to the crazy world of REVs, where precision replaces power and the lines at the back are more important than the ones at the front! I'd definitely second the recommendation of a B-Series 1.5..... I've just started out with a full-sail and 3-wrap frame and I'm really enjoying it (and even progressing a bit) in anything from about 5-15mph. FWIW & All the best Andy S.
  12. And now Connor is providing the inspiration for a whole new generation of kiters.....Bravo! All the best Andy S.
  13. Added EKS in Kempsey, Worcestershire, UK.....Best flying site in the Midlands. FWIW & All the best Andy S.
  14. Cheers guys, much as I thought.....Practice makes perfect. I'm running a 6.6m Blade III and a 10m Flysurfer Speed now, so I really am talking pretty low-wind before the REV comes out.....Usually the only other things flying at this point are Deluxe Edition 15m+ Speed IIIs! All the best Andy S. PS - Will probably treat mself to the 'Race-Rods' instead of an Easter-Egg!
  15. I'm starting to get some fairly regular use out of my second-hand B-Series on the low-wind days when my powerkites won't play (anything under 8-10mph).....I'm pretty satisfied with my progress as a whole, but I'm really struggling to fly well in anything much less less than 5mph; all my attempts inevitably result in a gradual retreat upwind. I only have a 3-Wrap frame for the kite at present and I'm wondering how much difference a set of 'Race-Rods' would make in the hands of an inexperienced flyer like myself.....I've noticed a great deal of posts suggesting that successful low-wind flying is much more dependent upon skill and practice than it is on ultralight parts. Any advice would be much appreciated. TIA & All the best Andy S.
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