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    Spanaway, WA, USA
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    Kites of all kinds, RC stuff, electronic gadgets, photographing kites with inexpensive gear... the list goes on.
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    Signature/B-series vented (Purple/Black), Rev 1.5 SLE/SUL (Black/Lime/Blue), my new lime Kymera, Dodd Gross Diode, & a bunch of other things I can barely carry..
  1. planning to fly as much as possible in 2012 (just one revolution resolution).

  2. JimC.

    Do WHAT?!

    Loved it Bart! You guys were great!
  3. JimC.

    WSIKF 2011

    A few pics of some friends having fun...
  4. JimC.


    As a "newbie" to group flying, I was taught a very valuable lesson... DON'T focus on this!!!
  5. JimC.


    Unfortunately, this was as close as my little camera would get from our hotel room.
  6. Glad you could make it, Bart. Hope to actually meet you this week. I'm the one "hiding" at the far end of the field . I'll have to break down and get 120's so I can practice more to fly with you. See ya on the sand!
  7. JimC.

    Member Map

    Oh, so true. Now that she's happy I changed it, I need some more help from y'all. I need someone to teach her how to fly during WSIKF this year so she WILL have some fun. Just don't tell her I sent you.
  8. Happy B-day K. See ya in LB.
  9. JimC.

    Member Map

    Makes total sense to pin where you fly so others can meet up. Thought some awareness might be necessary. Thanks for the input guys.
  10. I'm not skilled enough to hold and follow, so I'll just stay out of the way for now . Anyone know how JB's doing in Singapore? I'm not on facebook so I haven't seen the pics yet. See y'all next month.
  11. Personally, I just watch what the other guys, like Ben, are doin' .
  12. JimC.


    I'm the same way. Very cautious and shy. Fortunately for me, my wife is not and that helped me out of my shell a bit more at LC. Good luck and we'll see ya 'round.
  13. JimC.

    WSIKF 2011

    Definitely a must to set your reservations early. Where we stay has only 9 rooms on 3 floors and books fast, so we set ours usually as we're checking out the previous year. Last year was great for us with the quad field being on our end. Would've been better if I knew how to fly then, so this year... here I come ! Hope to see a lot of you there.
  14. Was nice to finally meet and say hello this past Sunday at Lincoln City. Wish we could have stayed and played, but had to go. Hope to learn a thing or two dozen if I bump into you at Chambers Bay. Next fly for me won't be 'till August at Long Beach, but at least I can apply what you've told me and maybe show off a bit.

  15. Wanted to thank you for all the helpful pointers and friendly chat this past Friday & Sunday at the festival. Seems watching you from the D-Sands is common, but I think we'll stay where Brett was next time we're there. Not so far to walk ;)

    Jim & Apryll.

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