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  1. I'll be there Monday thru Sunday. Looking forward to seeing all of you.
  2. I will be there. Looks like a good weather forecast.
  3. I should have mentioned the model: Manzella Silkweight WindStopper Gloves. They tried to sell me various thicker gloves but these are the best ones I could find for kiting.
  4. Found some great gloves a couple of months ago: reasonably warm, very thin, windproof and water resistant. Best of all, they allow me to feel my Rev handles or dual straps much better than any of the other gloves I have tried. I found them at REI for $30. They are made by Manzella. Here's the URL: http://www.rei.com/search?search=gloves&jxBrand=Manzella&hist=query%2Cgloves%5EjxBrand%2CManzella Or just go to REI and search for Manzella gloves.
  5. I'll be there, (probably) along with my grandson, Jake. Maybe we can skip the hail this time?
  6. Is there any info on line yet about the team clinic. I'd really like to do that also.
  7. Easter is 8 April, so I think we should avoid that weekend. But the other weekends work for me. Either site is ok also. I'd plan to come.
  8. This was my second Rev clinic, and I may have used up all my superlatives last year. The weather was a little more finicky this year, but the outstanding group of flyers and instructors more than made up for the challenge of the weather. My thanks to everyone who participated. As Wayne mentioned, I have some specifics to work on, thanks to Watty, Bazzer and Terry, and a few others. I highly recommend the clinic for flyers who want to learn new skills, improve or correct existing skills and have lots of team flying opportunities. Do we really have to wait a whole year?
  9. Great video and excellent flying. Heel bedankt!
  10. I looked at the weather report today for Long Beach, and I was envious. I'll be there starting Thursday. I'll bring the Rev 1, among other things. Looking forward to seeing all of you again.
  11. CJ, Great photo. Thanks for taking the time and having the patience to get a group shot. Look forward to seeing you at another event whenever. Chuck
  12. Guess who showed up at the Fairgrounds tonight? A very nice, steady 10 mph wind from the north. I flew a mid-vent for the evening. What a change from Saturday. We could easily have put up a dozen kites with people flying in groups.
  13. I've posted the photos I took on Saturday in the Gallery area: Revolution Forum > Gallery > User Information > Hillsboro Clinic, 23 Jul 11 It was certainly sunny, even if the wind was feeble.
  14. In case no one could tell, I had a great time with the people and the kites. The wind really does blow in Hillsboro sometimes, but nobody can predict when. (For instance, this evening was rather nice.) Sunset Beach is so close, that I would be up for this sort of event every month or two. I know that means finding time among many other commitments, and time for CJ to drive from Montana (?), but I will certainly participate. Thanks especially to John and TK for fitting this in two days before leaving for Singapore.
  15. Update from Hillsboro: It looks like winds will be light and variable, although I have noticed that for the last few days the weather forecast and the actual weather have varied a lot. I want to reiterate something John said in an earlier message: if you can stay past 4 pm, the best winds may well be in the time frame 4 to 8 pm. Remember your sun screen. It's going to be bright and hot. If you have any lights for night flying, the wind might support us. I often fly at another site, about 10 minutes or so to the west, where it will be darker. The field could support a team of 4 at once, but probably no more at one time. I am really looking forward to this. And, I will probably be at the fairgrounds tonight, as the wind forecast looks good for the late afternoon and evening. So maybe I will see some of you there. Chuck
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