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  1. Thanks everybody for the your good and helpful inputs
  2. I guess it is the "comfort/familiar factor" that comes into play here
  3. Thanks, I'll be patient, promise I really want to love this kite, thats why I am posting. I like it, but it is very different from what i expected (maybe wrong to transfer my dual line experience to this). I'll give all your advice a try, and I am sure spending time getting to know the Zen means a lot (my dad never liked getting a new car, because it was not exactly like the old one )
  4. I got a beautiful Rev Zen delivered in custom colors this summer. Beautiful handcraft and finishing on this kite But to be frank I was quite surprised the first time I took her in the air. The kite feels very heavy on the lines compared to the Barresi 1.5's (std & vtd), and from my experience not "floaty" at all. Not to say that is wrong, but being a called a phenomenal light wind kite, I had just expected a bigger but also a light kite. Sort of when you get an ultra lite or SUL dual line kite, then it feels very light and delicate in the air compared to its standard sibling. The upside is that upper end of the stated wind range, seems very conservative. In 10-12 kmh / 6-8mph it feels very safe and nowhere near it's upper limit. I had feared it was fragile and not able to take some wind, but no concern in this regard. Whether it flies in lower wind than a 2 wrapped 1.5 B series, I doubt, but I haven't had any steady ultra low wind 1-2 mph yet to test it But I do notice the Zen wants to move in the air, in order to keep it up, where the 1.5 seem a better at hovering in the same winds without loosing height. Could be that the Zen needs to be flown different, but as my flying skills has improved I am constantly amazed by how little wind a B 1.5 needs when handled properly Maybe I need some more time with the Zen to be equally impressed, as right now I am not. I do like it's feel, and slow gracious movements, and I think it looks lovely. Have you experienced the Zen needed a different flying technique compared to the 1.5, to feel the "love"?
  5. Thanks everyone for your help and advice! ;-) Hopefully I will have some nice clean lines tomorrow!
  6. I just noticed the other day when winding my lines, that they had picked oil from the beach. Urghh. A 2 meter lenght was very sticky, brown and oil smelling. How do I get it it of the lines safely? I have tried with soap on a rag, but it does not take all of it away. I would like to get the lines completely clean and slippery again, but don't know what will degrease them safely? Any experience with this? When I know how to get them completely clean, some silicone spray will make the spankling slippery again ;-)
  7. OK, I have given in and ordered a custom colour Zen ;-) I really look forward to some Northern summer "light night" flying. Thanks for all your advice and help!
  8. My comment was regarding Windpoacher's post about set up for light wind: Here my point is, I believe that a RR frame being about 20% heavier than a 2 wrap, will be of no help in a light wind setup compared to a 2 wrap. They (RR) might not be difficult to fly, but not easier either .
  9. Ooops make that 10 g.s heavier; I just had two complete sets on the scale.
  10. Reg. race rods, I am pretty sure they will be of no help compared to two wraps in very light wind flying. I have both sets myself, and the RR set is actually a little bit heavier than the 2 wraps (4-5 g in total). BUT the RR are stronger, so they give you a nice flexible configuration from low wind to medium winds ;-)
  11. Wow, thanks REVflyer for a wealth of exciting information and advice!
  12. Thanks, I enjoy your video's very much (subscriber), and have paid special attention to sail loading and light wind flying. It just seems that some of the posters praise this particular light wind movie even though it is old.. And personally I figured out the float from other videos (Scott Weiders Zen video eg.) and some posts form this helpful site. So I am just curious to see if I can find even more tips and hints on light wind tecnique ;-)
  13. Thanks, I suspected it was not worth the trouble, but nice to know!
  14. Thanks, I have got the rods covered then, just needs some shorter lines and working on the technique
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