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  1. I have a copy of the zip file if you are still looking. Cheers Stephen
  2. I think that Line Loops / Eyesplice a kiteline is what you might be thinking of using a splice to create the end loops. The thread also contains some videos at the start.
  3. Hi Nigel, I have found 120 ft lines very useful. When I was starting the increased size of the wind window enabled everything to happen that little bit slower which gave me more thinking time for reacting. I have only flown with others a handful of times when having your own set of 120s saves trying to borrow some. If you can afford to get them I am sure that they will become a firm favourite, especially if you have flying venues where you can use them. 120s are not just for teams but appear to be the length of choice whenever 2 or more Rev fliers fly together. In my case when flying alone I probably use 120s about 50% of the time. I hope that you find that Santa has been generous this year. Cheers Stephen
  4. Hi Nigel, It can be rather confusing when starting out. The phrase usually used for using the knots on the "leaders" of the handles is "tuning". There are many posts on the subject such as: What is the purpose of long leader with knots on the handles. Do a search on these forums for "tuning" or "brakes" and you will find lots of helpful information. Over on kitelife there are many useful video tutorials on Revolution flying, even more if you are a subscriber. There is one that covers tuning. Ask if you have trouble. Cheers Stephen
  5. Hi Brian, Bad luck. Both Kiteworld and Go Kites have 3wrap spars £18 for centre and £17 for outer. Always check the ferrules in the centre so that they do not come loose and start to move. If a ferrule moves then the joint becomes a weak point and breakage can happen. You might consider buying a complete set as they come in slightly cheaper than 5 individual spars and you would have spares. Also note that the EXP spars are 3 wrap and £1 each cheaper at Kiteworld, they are the same size as 1.5 spars just marked differently. Good flying. Stephen
  6. Hi Brian, You said the kite was an SLE from a few years back. Are you using the SLE leading edge which is wider diameter tube than the vertical spars and the end caps fit inside the spar. If so there should be a large washer fitted on each end cap to protect the bungee from being damaged by the spar end. If that is where the damage is then "go kites" can supply you with spares available on their eBay shop and are in stock. The damage could be broken washers or damaged bungees caused by missing washers on a SLE shaft. If you do not have SLE spars but standard 1/4 inch spars they also have 3 wrap centre and vertical spars available. If you need more help a bit of elaboration on "broke both tips" would be helpful. Cheers Stephen
  7. You might try some parafauna. Small dolls/teddies with parachutes that you attach to the leading edge and launch at the top of the window. Or even small sweets. You are only using the Rev as a launcher but kids love chasing after things in the air. Cheers Stephen
  8. Hi Felix, I am hoping to be there flying my Revs when the Megafliers are in the main arena. Cheers Stephen
  9. Hi, If you have seen all of JB's videos there is little extra that the DVD add. I would definitely recommend making up longer top leaders on your handles, it makes life so much easier. You can use any old string within reason or even untie the top leader and reuse it as a single rather than double. The extra length on the top (brakes) slow the kite down which might make launching harder but make the kite easier to fly. You might try your first flight(s) using the SLE but the 3 wraps are not that fragile. Good luck with your first flights. You might consider taking JB's tutorials with you if you are able. Cheers Stephen
  10. Hi Bill, There are a couple of members in the north of Hampshire. I am based in Portsmouth. I usually fly at Port Solent unless the wind is from the north when I fly on the top of Portsdown hill. If you want to meet up then drop me a pm. I have a few revs so you can try some out if you have not got yours yet. I am afraid that I am not that good a flier. I have been over at Stokes Bay at Gosport but each time I go I am the only Rev flier. The Hampshire Hoverers Jonesey, Sailor, Hippy Chippy and Yrma seem to be rather quiet at the moment. I have yet to fly with them. There may well be some Rev fliers at the Jolly Up at Basingstoke this weekend, 27th to 28th, it does not look like I am going to get there. Also there is the Portsmouth international kite festival over the August Bank Holiday weekend as well as the Basingstoke and Southampton kite festivals in June. Hope we can meet up as I normally fly alone. Cheers Stephen
  11. Hi, I have been reading in several posts and also some of the interviews on Kite life (the Lee Sedgwick in particular) about how important music is to fliers when just out flying recreationally as well as demo/competitive flying. As someone who has never used music when flying I am interested to hear about how others use music and what I might be missing out on. Cheers Stephen
  12. Occasionally seen hangs and time-outs here using both Firefox on win7 and also chrome on android. Cheers Stephen
  13. It took me over 10 years from buying my first two Revs before actually flying a Rev. I totally understand what you mean about the lost chance.
  14. Me, I am just a professional lurker, but avid reader. I do enjoy reading your blogs.
  15. Hi Henri, I think that the answer you are looking for is as follows:- The Revolution 1.5 B Series Vented Package consists of a single sail with four vented panels, two on each side, with two sets of frames which are approx 6mm diameter. One set of frames is made of 4 wrap carbon and may be marked with 4 feathers - it is the strongest commonly used Rev 1.5 frame in the 6mm range (Revolution also made/make the 12mm diameter frames SLEs (Super Leading Edge) which are even stronger but are not used much as they do not flex and hinder the 1.5's performance). The second set of frames is made of 3 wrap carbon and may be marked with three feathers - it is lighter and more flexible than the 4 wrap. The wind ranges are the recommended ranges for the vented sail with the 3 wrap frame - 5-20mph, 4 wrap frame - 6-30mph, and using the 4 wrap frame in the leading edge with the end connectors and the 3 wrap frame also inserted into the leading edge pocket (it is a snug fit) 10-45 mph. It is possible to use 2 wrap in a Full Vent -or even race rods (another type of 6mm carbon frame made by Revolution) to improve the low wind performance. You could use the fatter SLE frame and possibly increase the high wind range but I will probably be tarred and feathered for making such a suggestion as many regard the SLE being only useful for growing tomatoes. All of the 1.5 range kites use identical frames and you can mix and match. The JB packages come with two complete frames the Standard sail and the Mid-vent (two vented panels one on each side) come with 2 wrap and 3 wrap, the Full Vent as above comes with 3 wrap and 4 wrap. The SLEs used to come with a SLE (12mm) Leading edge of I believe 3 wrap and 3 wrap uprights, more recently SLEs have been supplied with both SLE and 6mm leading edges in 3 wrap. Some dealers will allow you to change the type of frames supplied with the packages. If you buy a JB standard and JB Full Vent you will have two sails (Standard and Full Vent) and one set of 2 wraps, two sets of 3 wraps, and one set of 4 wraps. A well equipped flier will probably have standard, Mid-Vent, and Full Vent sails with race, 2, 3 and 4 wrap frames and will choose the combination of sail and frame to match the conditions. A mid-vent is really a luxury but venting does help smooth out lumpy winds, the normal purchase route is Standard, then Full Vent, then Mid-Vent, then SUL, then a Rev1, then a Zen then....... Cheers Stephen
  16. Ben posted about the new hollow ground ferrules that Revolution were introducing on the 18th November 2011. Cheers Stephen
  17. Hi John, As you are getting back into kiting and learning to fly Revs and your partner is getting into kites for the first time then I would suggest that Revs are the way to go. There are several good tutorials available to get you both on your way and Rev fliers are generally a very social bunch. You will both will soon be able to fly together in a way that is not possible with two lines. It is a great experience to stand alongside other fliers and I am sure that learning together would be fun as you will not be alone and have the makings of a team.. If you are able to find other experienced Rev fliers to help you both along it might assist the learning curve, but you should be able to learn from each other. Flying Revs is nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be and the skills can be learnt in isolation. I would suggest looking at the tutorials as the are a great help. Bottom line is I know kiters who have only flown Revs and nothing else so it can be done. Other than knowledge of the wind window there is little carry over from one to two to four lines. It is probably easier to start on four lines rather than unlearn two lines. Cheers Stephen
  18. Hi, I have bought from Kiteworld and had good service from them. Stephen and Michael are very helpful and usually have Bs in stock or they will order for you. Cheers Stephen
  19. Has managed to fly with others

  20. Great idea and the video comes over well. Amazing to see the hand action combined with the kites. Thanks for doing it. Cheers Stephen
  21. Dowel? A dowel is a solid cylindrical rod, usually made of wood, plastic or metal used to secure two objects together with precise alignment. Cheers Stephen
  22. Front Cover of the April 2011 Newsletter of the Kite Society of Great Britain features a photo of the mega-fly with the caption inside of "The People are Back Revolution Fliers at Portsmouth 2008— returning for a mega-mega attempt at Portsmouth in August" Inside further information about Portsmouth states "One of the new events we have planned in conjunction with Felix Mottram and the Revolution fliers is UK record attempt similar to the fly in 2008. We have arranged a separate and larger arena for just this purpose, away from the normal arena space. So more space for all." It seems that the expectations are high. I will be there, I just hope that i am good enough or able to help out. Cheers Stephen
  23. Hi, Always enjoy reading your posts. Another brief but good example and follows on nicely from your other B2 report. You certainly seem very impressed with the new B2 series. Cheers Stephen
  24. Happy Birthday Ben, Glad your operation last year worked out. Hope you have a really great day. Cheers Stephen
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