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  1. ok. i know i was too late... mmmh... thats sad.
  2. Hi.. Im looking for someone from NYC who visit tommorow the Kitefestival in Wildwood. If there is some one who can take me to wildwood please write me a mail: [email protected] That should be sooo cool... - jens from switzerland.
  3. Is there someone who drive from New York to Wildwood on Sunday? It would be great to come with someone to Wildwood. Im From Switzerland and i don't have a car... my email is: [email protected] thats would be sooo nice.
  4. Thanks for you Advice. I Think Wildwood is too far for me. Becaus i Have no car... Jens
  5. cool... here is my email adress: jens [at] jensche {dot} ch
  6. Hi. Im an good pilot with many kites (Trick, Power, Quad kites... ). I've got a Kamikaze Kite and a Rev. I thinks its the Exp. Now im looking for a super precise Revolution Kite. for normal wind. and not for Powerkiting. I like very fast and very direct kites. What is your recommendation? A Rev, 1.5 SLE? Super Sonic?
  7. Hi. I work until mid june in New York. Are there some Rev Flyers in the City or in LongIsland? I would like to try fly a Rev (maybe a Supersonic or a Rev SLE). Im From switzerland and i fly Kamikaze Kite from Germany and a Rev Exp.) So Im an good kite Pilot. ;-) - Jens (on the pics its me with the Kamikaze, its not a bad kite. but a revolution its even better... ) ;-)
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