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  2. The Decorators - Come Together The Decorators - Mila Repa Megateam 25 Revs More soon
  3. Richard Debray (fr) Steff Ferme (fr) Alfredo Costantini (it) Marco Costa (it) Wertehr Secchi (it) Secchi - Orsi Pair
  4. But it will be helpful for rev team novice like me to get knowledge from all over the world rather invent the bicycle. And it's always for good to exchange ideas for everybody - it's progress.
  5. for now i can summaries calls and ideas i get from this topic selection: direct number (1 and 4 face up) even/odd 50% number of kites from top/left (2 up 2 down) or with pointing position (2 from ends/2 in the middle) direction: if "go" without command before (and it's not a figure) then kites moving forward until next command reverse slide left/right/up/down spin: face up/down/left/right - there can be also default direction of spin 180 up/down/ - still not clear 180 by default is up or down clock/anti(contr)clock execution: go now
  6. team maneuvers are valuable information but when you want to do something more on the filed without landing your kites it's helpful to have some basic things. as i mention for me most problem now is call spins if they are in opposite directions (too many words in call)
  7. I just looking for information about team vocabulary. May be it's already done somewhere but i can't found it. In Rev team manual there is not much information about this particular topic. Not only basics like speed, direction or spins but also more complicated things like kites in vertical column left/right and you need to spin 2&3 kite to make 1&2 left and 3&4 right.
  8. Thanks for inspire flying. I only sorry that can't take your performance with Carl Robertshaw and Carl and Gregory Reynes solo outstanding performances.
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