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  1. Clo, if you deal with kiteworld, they sort out import charges etc, nice people and local. question for felix and all - re lines ? wouldn't standard 80 foot be easier and more imediate to learn with ? fungus:)
  2. Thanks Remmie that made me smile :-) fungus:)
  3. Love the REV pumpkin:) here's my poor effort:lol: , i hope fungus
  4. great to see 16 experienced pilots working together:) fungus
  5. fungus


    i think that most of my kites have had a soaking and been flown to dry them, or taken home wet, had a shower to clean them,at one time or another, and i've not noticed anything to alarm me regards stretch. fungus
  6. i had my last kite a REV B PRO built as an SUL and i've got a ZEN 2/3 weeks ago in really light winds i flew both, not a lot of difference, they were both hard work as i was limping due to a dodgy knee, i would not like to choose they both have a place on my bag. fungus:)
  7. car pass requested fungus
  8. Well Done Chris chris won the dual line as well fungus
  9. i have used ordinary luggage labels for a long time BUT love your idea, its another winter project i think fungus
  10. we had a warm spell in april, but temp is now back to normal so its feeling cold. i burn easily so i use sunscreen april to october fungus
  11. here in the UK last weekend it was 15c / 59f so it was hot coffee in the morning, hot tea in the afternoon and hot chocolate before bed a bit cool at night, there was ice on outside of the tent at 4 am ish fungus don't be mean share the sun
  12. a real crowd pleaser fungus
  13. last sunday my fave was 1.5 vented - cause i had wind the week before it was ZEN not had perfect conditions for my new PRO B SUL yet BTW do i need a PRO B VENTED or will i get away with standard B vent fungus as others say, can't choose, its the 1 that suits the conditions
  14. 2 pics , i hope me + PRO B + ZEN and PRO B around the sun https://picasaweb.google.com/royfungus/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCPX-hvrlw6fDtQE#5598720053401258770 https://picasaweb.google.com/royfungus/Collages#5598715143248588722 the PRO B around the sun i am trying to set as avatar but failing i don't get on with pooters fungus
  15. pic of my ZEN and B pro on gallery, i'm liking the blue fade idea, now thinking of mid and full vent to complete set, but i'll need overtime first to clear bills and then save up fungus
  16. i've now got a B PRO but the number of kites in my bag framed and ready to go has not changed. tho i might frame an older sail to keep as a trainer kite fungus btbt - what is a 1.5 phantom ?
  17. i've got a matched set of 1.5's but recent ones are mixed, altho my ZEN and B Pro are blue fade don't know whether i'll match in future fungus
  18. so last sunday the forcast said low wind but it felt 3-5 mph, set up 1.5 sul on 100ft x 50lb line,it didn't want to fly, tried 60ft x 50lb still no luck, put the ZEN on and it saved the day, later the wind picked up as i flew and the ZEN become a bit of a handful , later still the 1.5 flew. the wind was actually variable between 1 - 5 mph BUT Karl Robertshaw flew his REV 1 succesfully ( i guess its a non standard REV 1 and he's a much better flier than me ) i'm pleased to have the ZEN, its a different 'feel' and you need to learn to fly it but i wouldn't be without it the good news is that later today i pick up a REV B PRO SUL , so i have more light wind choice fungus
  19. Hi Baloo are you out of hibernation its warm enough to go out and fly, honest fungus
  20. Hi Pete good luck with the surgery Hi All a very interesting thread, i'm a simpleton ie exp frame is too bendy SLE is too stiff, anything else i trust REV, SUL - 2 wrap , STD - 3 wrap, VENT 4 wrap or black race, i want to be able to grab a kite from the bag and fly fungus
  21. Well Done ,Connor and Ian what a great start to my day , thanks for sharing fungus
  22. my REV B PRO is on the way, thanks Theresa will try to get a pic of it action very soon fungus i'm excited,i won't be able to sleep
  23. i've been flying duallies for 20 years + and Revs for 10 years so i've got some experience , i'm just a lazy flatfoot 'state of mind' is this a therapy session , unfortunately i need medication feel as well as i do now fungus
  24. thanks kwmf flailed and failed - day 2 60ft x 50 lb ZEN only I LOVE MY ZEN went out in a better state of mind but same conditions and flew for 2 hours including 4 360's, 1 at a time, i aint that fit had to go to ASDA (walmart) and buy sour lemons to take the big silly grin of my face , before i go to work at ASDA fungus
  25. ok so yesterday i had time to fly nice open sports field wind speed according to my highly accurate 'wet finger in the air' just above 'bugger all' set up 1.5 sul ( i know its old tech the REV B PRO SUL is on the way ) 1.5 on 100ft x 50lb and Zen on 100 ft x 90 lb i managed to keep flying and i was long arm flailing most of the time but i can't say it was pretty or satisfying i switched to Zen on 60ft x 50 lb for the last 20 minutes and that was ok just hoping my B PRO SUL fills that low wind spot or i learn to fly the ZEN fungus
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