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  1. I was referring to a stack of 2-1.5-1. I have that stack and also a stack of 1.5s full vent , mid vent and standard JB s. And a 2 stack of 1.5 sul s. All are kept together and rolled on the leading edge for storage and transport. All have the 7th line and I often wondered if it was nessesary. I got into stacking to justify having so many rev s , now that's all I fly. Any input is appreciated.
  2. So your saying that you don't need the 7th middle line on a three stack? What about a 3 stack progressive?
  3. timmyz

    Kite skiing

    Has anyone used a rev or rev stacks to do any form of kite skiing. I have a progressive stack and many 1.5s and I would think that what I already have would pull me on skis. Any input. Thanks Tim
  4. Thank for the reply. I hope to get it together next week.
  5. I didn't know if having 2 1.5s would make a difference. I have some extra kites and I want to leave them together. Also , is it a problem with the stacking lines with different size kites.
  6. Something new to add to this question. Would it be a problem stacking a rev 2 then (2) rev 1.5s and then a rev 1? I just got another 4 1/2 ft stacking lines and would like to just keep these together. Any input would help. Kent if your out there.
  7. Definitely what the John Barresi tutorials with your handles in hand. Also available at kitelife online magazine.
  8. Definitely what the John Barresi tutorials with your handles in hand. Also available at kitelife online magazine.
  9. Hang in there Percy and follow the great advice. I bought my first rev 10 years ago and now have all versions of the 1.5. Just wish I would have found these forums back then. Now I have been relearning how to fly the correct way. This year I turn 50 and have more time to fly, so my goal is to hook up with a local kite club. Good luck. Timmyz. Pittsburgh PA
  10. What kind of line do you use to make leader lines? Tim
  11. wow this question really took off. i haven't been at the forum in a few days, so thanks for the advice. since i mostly have light wind conditions i should give kent a call and order a 2 wrap or race rods. tim
  12. thanks for the help. i'll have to give kent (awoc) a call and pick-up a different frame or two for this. i went through the same problem with my 1.5 rev, now i have four 1.5 s and every frame for it. what an addiction. tim from pittsburgh
  13. when stacking two revs , a 1 and a 1.5, can i use my 4 1/2' stacking lines or do i need to go with a 5' set ? thanks tim from pittsburgh
  14. i mainly fly by myself and i thought the sle leading edge would be something i would get the most use out of. thanks tim from pittsburgh
  15. i just picked up a rev 1 with a 4 wrap 1/4" frame and would like to get an sle frame for it. where can i get just the leading edge rods or do i have to buy the complete frame set ? i understand that there is both 3 and 4 wrap sle frames for this. if i want to go with 3 wrap sle leading edge, can i still use the 4 wrap verticals or is it best to go all 3 wrap. i hope that made sense. thanks tim
  16. wow , thanks for all the input. i held off on buying the dyneema lines. they were too cheap to be good and they came with 13" handles which i have enough of. i don't fly that often let alone team but i'm making more time. i just picked up a supersonic that didn't have lines , just 11" handles. i have 150# 100' lines that i got from awoc for my 1.5 3 stack but want to pick up a shorter set. i'll stick to lpg or shanti. i actually just flew this thing of the first time today. 35 degree pittsburgh weather but what a blast. thanks again tim
  17. thanks everyone , i live in pittsburgh. as soon as the weather breaks , i'll give these a try. tim
  18. what size handles work best for stacking? right now I'm stacking 3 1.5s with 150# 100' line and 13" handles. seems to work fine but i'm new to this. would 15" handles be better? thanks tim
  19. just picked up a new/old stock supersonic. can anyone tell what line is best to use? i have a set of shanti speed 150# / 100'. i've been told these may be too long and may slow down the kite. i have several 1.5 revs, but never flew a speed series kite. i am assuming the 90# line for the 1.5 s would not be strong enough. any advice about this kite would be awesome. thanks tim
  20. will dyneema line work ok for rev kites
  21. i checked out the picture and what I'm doing is instead of adding a pig tail, I'm using the already supplied bridle as my tail. just fold the line over and you have your pig tail. it fly great , but maybe I'm missing something. thats why i posted. timmyz
  22. thanks for the reply . doing it the way i did avoided putting another line through the already crowded end cap . timmyz
  23. can anybody tell me why this would be wrong? i am new to stacking and i tried something that seemed to work fine. i have 3 jb 1.5 kites. full and mid vent and standard sails. i attached the stacking lines to the lead kite as recommended from revolution, through the end caps. on the second kite i larks headed them to the knot on the bridle where the bridle attaches to the end cap. then the stacking lines for the third kite the same way. this way only one set of lines was going through the end cap hole and the stack was much easier to assemble and disassemble. the center line was put through the bridle as suggested on the lead kite but larks headed on to the bridle knot of the second kite. the 3 stack flew just fine and all 7 lines were equal in length . the knot all stayed tight and after flying the kite were separated with ease . the stacking lines remained on the 1st and 2nd kites and the 3rd was free. i hope this made sense, next time i will take pictures. please respond thanks tim from pittsburgh
  24. very impressive web site. you appear to be a master. i actually talked to con the other day. im going to try to make one of his monthly flies. thanks tim
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