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  1. old thread here on this topic and batch of 'prototypes' sold a few years ago... http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/21-neos-omega/ cheers 'moe
  2. tru'dat! notice where the op is located? i lived in seattle for many years and it could have been an urban myth, but the local history was that MORE sunglasses were sold per capita in seattle than any place else in the usa, except for socal. and it was very common to see folks driving in the totally grey daze or high noon darkness, headlights on... while wearing dark glasses and mainlining caffeine. cheers 'moe
  3. ooops! my bad, 9% is good. other things worth noting for the op... -none of the REALLY DARK (5-10%) lens should be used for DRIVING or other vision critical tasks. -none of the REALLY DARK (5-10%) lens allow one to look DIRECTLY at the sun. even brief gazes directly at the yellow ball can cause permanent eye damage. cheers 'moe
  4. hi chris most modern lens materials are good at blocking UV (a,b,c)... but it's important to have a snug fitting frame/lens to take full advantage of this. looking DIRECTLY at or near the sun is still an issue. for that application minimal light transmission is also important. so look for lens that block 90-95% of ALL light or only allow 5-10% transmission. for example 'glacier' style lens would be good, but ANY lens with minimal light transmission is good. __________ oakley, unfortunately doesn't make ANY lens with less than 10% light transmission and most of their lens are 15-25% th
  5. happy to see this is helpful! normally i LIKE searching within forum software, where one can limit the search to titles or a given subforum or member posts... for common or mega hit searches those are great ways to winnow the results. the "under 4 letters" thing is annoying and single term searches are often a limitation. ________ searching from outside the site/forum can be very easy using the "site:" operator... for example try the original search at the kitelife site... "long lines" site:kitelife.com about 60 hits, and many rev related, but not all. _______ technically to JUST sea
  6. phrases are best handled outside the forum/software search tool, so ... using google search (not the forum search feature) like this... type this ENTIRE string in the google box... "long lines" site:revkites.com yields 284 hits, ALL with the phrase 'long lines' in posts... cheers 'moe
  7. another difference worth mentioning... the "package" for some identical kites differs from store 2 store. several stores have their own "personalized colors" for B series kites. and may include different framing options. into the wind, for example, has a personalized color, B series MID vent package, that includes RACE RODS along with a 3 wrap frame. THAT's pretty cool. a little healthy competition between the authorized dealers is a good thing for us customers! cheers 'moe
  8. it would seem these are from 2 DIFFERENT years of production. i think the NEWER kites have the white lettering in the lower/back corner as noted. but this does slowly come off or fade/scuff with use, at least on mine. it's also my understanding (see thread on this) that the NEWEST kites in this line may be made with different ripstop which means those older NEW kites may actually be better in some ways. http://www.revkites....anges-for-2010/ cheers 'moe
  9. hi john i've been thinking (and making) some of the same decisions as another quad/rev NOOB. flying almost ANY sport kite in 25-30 mph winds is a lot of work. so the question is, IF one really really wants to fly in heavy winds, what are the flying goals for that experience? 1. arm exercise 2. a little dragging around 3. precision/control skills practice 4. FAST flying 5. trick/free style? 6. group/team/pairs flying? 7. working on EDGE control? 8. being able to say... "i did that!" and so on. there is a LOT of appeal to sticking with 1.5s, like parts swapping and skills developmen
  10. wow COOL! much smoother that imagined with the nano... how/where on the kite was it mounted? cheers 'moe
  11. wow! i mean really WOW! cheers 'moe
  12. so the auction noted in post #1 is a sham sale? and for the price of a 'bay listing, the sham seller gets to throw dirt on the rev products IN his listing? so very likely the sham seller doesn't even HAVE the products listed for sale (at a total price that is NOT out of line for 2 new kites) ? isn't this sort of stuff reportable to the 'bay cops? gees whiz 'moe
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