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  1. CraigBrock

    Wind dies

    I was thinking of leasing myself out ! If you have strong wind warnings in your area call me. I will come setup and poof winds are gone. I know how you feal. LOL
  2. Good luck Sammy ! Dont lose so much weight that the kite will lift you off ground.
  3. I was at the billards hall the other day and seen que stick cases that look like they will do the job.They sold for about 7 dollars
  4. Spent the morning with a great wind 8-12 mph had a ball then about 1pm wind just stoped (I mean the kite fell out of the sky) Note:I fly a 1.5 SUL with 90 foot line set . After that is was on and off winds of 5 mph down to 0. So I flew to top of window and sank back to ground for about 30 min before just giving up. I thought the SUL like this kind of light wind condition? Got out my old standby a parafoil snapshot 2.5 which for some reason loves the light wind. Flew that for about a hour before the cell phone started to ring reminding me I have a family at home who would like to see me. HAHA All in all a great day I would like to thank everyone on the forum for there words of wisdom it helps to have a sounding board to bounce ideals off. Flying in a small town in the Midwest I dont have anyone around here that even fly single line kites they look at these strange things we fly and laugh always saying boy we didnt have kites like that when I was a kid. Then if they ask how much one of these cost I get the strangest looks But once you fly where you are in control(or think your in control) you are hooked. So to all the insane people here Thanks for your help and keep the forum going.
  5. I am new to revs but am starting to make progress. My question today is what is the best wind to learn in? I have noticed that the lighter winds to me at least, require more input from flyer. The med winds are a little easyer to control. What is everyone else opion of this.
  6. Always remember and never forget no mater where you go there you are

  7. Has anyone ever lost any fingers Flying REVs during Cold Weather? Just had to go out and try some things i seen on CD last night.OK so its only 12 degrees out and the wind is blowing with a chill of around ZERO. I told my wife I am not crazy but she has a pretty good argument going in her favor. On the bright side I had a great time and did learn some new things. Does anyone understand what I am talking about?Or have I really lost my mind this time?LOL
  8. I got the 1.5 SUL it came with a light wind vid but it only explanes light wind moves. UPDATE: I got the cd from Dave tonight. Great learning tool. I really like how he makes it personal and makes it feal like hes talking to you.I think I learned more in the short time watching this then I have discovered on the web in the last few months. Kudos Dave keep up the good work.
  9. First off I am new to flying Revs. I have flown dual line kites for a little while now and have had pretty good luck learning new tricks on them.I am going slow on learning the Revs mainly due to lack of training on what to do with handles and feet positions of certian tricks.Almost all you tube vids only show the kite not the operator. Is there a good training Vid out there ? I think it just may not be possible to show what tension they are fealing and how the wind is reacting that day. Having work in the aircraft field most of my life(30 Years and still going) I have a great concept on air flow and lift. I have flown RC aircraft for about ten years and have a great light touch on the controls.I think the best way to learn is hands on but with a good understanding of what is taking place . I have read a lot of the forums but have not seen any stand out training vids or text.Ok i have rambled on enough my question is what is the best way to learn to fly a Rev short of having John or one of the IQuad team come out and show you LOL
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