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  1. Flying my B-series mid vent , my friend Marc van der graaf was filming. I hope you like this video.
  2. Hi Martijn, Welcome back , hope to see you back on the field soon. Remco
  3. eh.... it has to be sure , right? That's what I mean , your english is better than mine .
  4. Once again it's a great video Marc, very nice flying. And about your English, it's better than mine, that's for sure. Remco
  5. I heard that there is a chance that I-quad is coming to Berck 2011? That would be great ;-) Remco
  6. Wow , great flying Keep on going All the best, Remco
  7. Merry christmas and a happy new year to you all. Remco
  8. Hoi Marcel , leuk dat ik je ook op dit forum tegen kom.


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