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  1. Group on Facebook .. created to open a window to the world ... the world of kites .. is the mode that is ... and we can share experiences with friends from all over the World! greetings friends https://www.facebook...oups/cometeros/ In my web .. I have put a photo section .. in which I would love to have pictures of you all ... kite friends ... If you look and many friends sent me yours ... encourage you ... a greeting http://www.disfrutan...lascometas.com/ Greetings to all from Montmelo, Barcelona, Spain
  2. Hello friends ... after thinking about it ... and with the help of my friend Alex Bisaro Argentina ... they decided to have my own domain .. Web and happen to have .... so change my page to be http://www.disfrutan...lascometas.com/ ... I look forward to sharing with you all in my little site .. my experiences with the Revolutions .... greetings to all from Montmelo
  3. We were with family excursion ... enjoying a walk along the Rio Ebro. to the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea .. and then went to bathe at a beach delas you have this wonderful place ... The wonderful beach of eucalyptus to enjoy the water ... and flying kites of all kinds of ... and of course I took the mine ... acrobatic and Revolutions ... enjoyed it. I hope you like the little video I recorded my wife ... greetings to all from Montmelo
  4. I hope soon to take photos and record some video!! greeting friends
  5. Thank you friends and tell you how was the premiere. If you have been days that I have a defect in the blood!!and this can not be cured .. just fly and fly Greetings
  6. Hi friends .. finally get my Revolution .. I'm happy with it .. and was looking forward ..I hope to release it next week .. on the beaches of Peniscola .. in the Mediterranean (Castellon) some pictures of the machine greetings to all https://sites.google.com/site/disfrutandodelascometas/
  7. video de Festival International Of City Of Valencia... 2011 is beutifull !!!!! https://sites.google.com/site/disfrutandodelascometas/4-0-festivales/valencia-2011 grettings from Montmelo, Barcelone, Spain
  8. Magnifico festival in a beautiful city. Valencia hosted the XIV kite festival .. with a weekend full of color. a great time to enjoy the acrobatic flight team of 2 lines and equipment revolution. magnificent freestyle riders could be seen all over Spain and a wonderful flying kites static .... I hope everyone likes<BR closure_uid_6f3ift="3722"> https://sites.google.com/site/disfrutandodelascometas/4-0-festivales/valencia-2011 <BR closure_uid_6f3ift="3723">greetings from Montmelo, Barcelona, Spain
  9. I finally decided and put the logo on a plate, they were beautiful .. by www.kiteparts.net and I also echo some sweatshirts that have been very cool, hope you like .... as seen in my logo and also leave revos acrobatic.<BR closure_uid_uw3fr3="2183"> https://sites.google.com/site/disfrutandodelascometas/ <BR closure_uid_uw3fr3="2184">greetings to all from Montmelo, Barcelona, Spain
  10. Thanks! Best of all, the Revolution Arachnida!! Molina Brothers design greetings friends
  11. Hello friends ... this is my personal logo hope you like ... greeting friends https://sites.google.com/site/disfrutandodelascometas/
  12. Thanks friend from Montmelo, Barcelona, I wish for you and your family a Merry Christmas and that Santa Claus brings you the best wind to enjoy your kites. greetings
  13. I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we wish you this extremely original, with a video at a good pace I hope you enjoy https://sites.google.com/site/disfrutandodelascometas/ On behalf of my family and myself
  14. Hello friends, I would like to give their opinion on my website or blog, after thinking it over I decided to do, I will say if you like or need something to put I thank you all for your help my web is : https://sites.google.com/site/disfrutandodelascometas/ pd: sorry my English is terrible
  15. Hi all, been a while since I am for this wonderful forum, but I wanted to say hello to everyone again and some dates and intimate approach. I also wanted to congratulate I wish with all my heart a happy Christmas to all Greetings from Montmelo, Barcelona Spain Ps: Sorry for my English, I use a very bad translator
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