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  1. Hi NCREVR, I added a clip on mine to make carrying easier. http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/4099-clip-on-kite-stake/ Keep It Up! Duane
  2. http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/3742-makingsnagproofrevhandles/ Keep It Up! Duane
  3. I want to thank everyone for there comments! This may not have helped anyone else, but it has certainly helped me to better understand the uniqueness of the AKA, Rev. and Kitelife organizations. It appears that my view of things was quite shallow and “I” was suffering from a case of narrow-minded. Thanks to your input I now am able to better see how the uniqueness of each group, with their differences, comes together to compliment each other, instead of my seeing their differences in a negative way. Thanks again, Keep It Up! Duane
  4. http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/3722-commentary-by-guru4tru
  5. Off Topic Anything and everything that doesn't fit anywhere else... Oddballs and all! ======================== I used the heading "Commentary By Guru4tru" so anyone who didn't want to "tune in" didn't have too. This is strictly my own opinion, for whatever it's worth. (You can hit the "back" button at any time you want!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I am a member of, & really like, the AKA (American Kitefliers Association), matter of a fact I signed up for, and paid my membership, for the next 3 years...as for the things they do and their "K
  6. Well, I'm not sure what snow is, don't get much of that in Florida, but I've found the cone idea pretty good for clearing people away from where you want to fly!! I make my stakes out of 3/8" alum., drill a hole in the top and put on a cabinate knob from Lowes and a key snap to hook it on my belt. Keep It Up! Duane
  7. Guru4tru

    Two Choices

    Hey...That's great!! I hope everyone shares your attitude! As I am practising each day with my Rev. for next years TISKC Festival, so I'm good enough to fly in the "group Fly"...(which I think will be a real blast!!) I've been a little concerned as to whether or not they will let me fly. Because I'm mostly deaf from an explosion in Nam., I might need some kind of assistance "maybe" in hearing the commands! But, what I'm reading here gives me a lot of hope that we will be able to work something out!! (That's if I can get my Rev. act together in time! heehee!) Keep It Up! Duane
  8. As I mentioned...I haven't met a kiter I didn't like, nor that I didn't feel liked me too!! Not a one!! We all shared the same interest. I'm into kiting and the future of kiting is important to me. But when I receive honest e-mails from people concerned about me and warning me about the "bad guys" in the sport..... --------- Then I just Shine a Light on it...I make it public! If it is false, no one is hurt and all become more aware... If it is true, then the "bad guys" will run...and will know that we are aware! ---------- Other then my looking like a fool, which I probably am (heehee),
  9. Hi Fellow Kiters, As a relative newcomer to Kiting and active in forums, I have received enough personal e-mails, from concerned people, warning me about the downside of kiting…as if to protect me from the bad guys, that I thought I say a word on the subject. [Note: the word guys refers to both sexes as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.] First off let me mention that…I havent met a single person in kiting yet, that I didnt like and respect…and that I didnt think the feeling was mutual, even though in comparison I am a newcomer to the sport. So then, I really dont know what they ar
  10. Hi Revolution forum, This is my first post at this site. I am posting it so that maybe you'all might be able to gain something from the Kitelife Forum. I have been to your forum before, but never felt comfortable enough to join in. This was my last post at Kitelife, as upgrades to their forum were being concidered: On Dec 11, 2009, at 12:30 PM, "Kitelife Magazine - Forum" <info@kitelife.com > wrote: > > Kitelife, > > Guru4tru has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed > to titled "Forum upgraded!". > > -----------------------------------
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