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    Quad line flying, and power kiting are where I get the my kicks from, but I pretty much fly all types of kites.
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    Favorite Rev...Sedgwick Series Rev 1 RWB
  1. Not bad at all, but as many of the other fliers said too much repetition in the video to keep the attention of viewers. John said it best with all the points he made, being a long time competitor and judge! Best of all though, did (do) you have fun! Main thing is the fun aspect. As for competitive flying, you have to take things to the highest level you can if in competition. But one thing I have noticed is that many competitive fliers (NOT all) seem to end up taking it way to serious, and seem to lose the fun aspect of their flying. Which is fine if all the competitive flier is after is to place high in the rankings. But this is kite flying my friend. Soooo, try to always keep the fun it in, and do not get too serious! Take the constructive criticisms for what it worth, and try the tips and tricks you learn from other fliers... but most of all HAVE FUN! Con Engels Windstar Kites
  2. Really nice flying Watty! Great job I enjoy indoor flying very much, but only get to do it a once or twice a year!
  3. Windstar

    Lee Sedgwick and his 8 Pack!

    Most muscular guys boost about their six packs... but not Lee... he has an 8 pack:-)
  4. Windstar

    All things Rev!

    Some of my favorite shots!
  5. Windstar


    For those on the US East Coast, please keep in mind that there are local kite shops that need customer support also. This past year has been very difficult for me to stay in business, and I am doing my best to support the Revolution line! The Zen, looks like an awesome kite. I plan on having info up on my site in the next few days regarding the Zen! I just hope that fliers realize that support of you local kite shop is needed, so wherever you live, please support your closest kite shop. This past year has seen 4 kite shops in OHIO close! Not a good thing at all! So please remember to try to support you local shop. Thanks for listening! Your friend in PA. Con Engels Windstar Kites
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