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  1. Hello my dear friends, i have been flying all alone during all this winter in Paris - but i am glad to say that i will be in Berck the second weekend to fly with you - i will also make an attempt to fly with a friend from the Crazydrivers who is making the same millar stack as mine - you can see my new regular and vented kites on the Facebook 100 rev' page : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=169454733098847 ---- Felix - i hope gerard will wake up and organize something shortly ! See you soon and take care Alex http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/
  2. A nice 8 kites ballet from the Decorators - and a small interview of our friend Felix Mottram : http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/ see you Alex
  3. Hello dear friends, we had such an amazing time flying under those very powerfull lights... http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/ you'll see my stack in company of the white revs’ of the FLIC team, an homemade UL freestyle white delta from Lionel Reynier, white pterodactyles and birds from Karl and Sara longbottom, and then, amazing fireworks organized by the city. The movie was made by my girlfriend Daphné - so you'll see my kite quite a bit ! see you soon Alex
  4. Revolution kites had allaways been working on some revolutionaries new projects, as David Britain told me years ago like a giant rev' to kitesurf ! After undreds of drawings and prototypes, Revolution Kites is making a new product... Ben DANTONIO tells us everthing on Berck-sur-Mer, France, during the the team world cup 2010. http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/ Better than the Ipad : THE revBIKE See you soon with all the videos of the quad teams in Berck. Alex
  5. Finaly i am driving saturday morning my small car with my kites... and... Ben Howard and Caroline (Flic) plus Thierry Hélaine (Lung Ta) We are planning to be on the beach by noon and the weather seems to be great ! Alex
  6. There will also be some other very good flyers like the parisian pair Ephemere with new 1.5 which are very nicely tuned (grey and orange/red kites)(they will be there the all week) and lots of other parisians how arrive for the second weekend ( most of them never flew on a grid) - and Richard Debray and Yasu (redBull kite team) who compete for the word cup but maybe will have time to fly with us the second weekend - just dont forget to ask them !
  7. Hello my friends - of course i will be there to fly with you all the second weekend - (i'll try to arrive on thusrday at noon) and also will be able to come the fisrt weekend if the weather is not too bad - i will decided at the last moment i guess. I am coming with new 3 rev mylar stacks ( gold for no wind - red for regular wind - and vented green) plus my red baresies to fly with you - so check out the grid to put my color at the best place possible ! - im also coming with my video cam - please tell me if you want me to film some special routines or new kites you want to show ( even single line or stange 2 line kites ! - i will fligh my LX and quadPiguy) I think thierry helaine won't be there - i i'll try to convince him ! Also try to prepare the night flight with littles leds - it's my favorite moment of the week - See you next week and take care ! Alex http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com
  8. Our friend Gustavo is much better : a stack with 4 genuine indoor Revs - and he explains everything and gives a lesson and all his tricks for how to handle it - My only trick is run and look behind and on the side to kow if there is enough space to turn because the lenght of the lines : 6+1,3+1,3 (2,6meters more than usual) and a nice "over the top" was impossible because of the roof which was not high enough. So - if you make such a stack - you should have the first kite very close to you - (3 or 4 meters... ) The site of Gustavo Di Sinwith many informations about flying revs but also 2 and 3 stunt kites at the same time : El alma del Piloto (The Pilot's soul) http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com/ Everything about Indoor Stack : http://www.elalmadelpiloto.com.ar/files/windless_trains.pdf
  9. I just had a try with my new very ultra light stack at the Alcochete festival : http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/
  10. i also did 2 videos of the Blast but not the 4/8 Blast (sorry) Team Karasu in Berck last year, on a very windy day : http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/2008/0...on-blasts-2008/ Ben D'Antonio (Revolution Kite) and Damien Gallibour (Crazy Drivers) whith a english Blast at the Portsmouth 2008 festival - 20th anniversary : http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/2009/0...-by-ben-damien/
  11. Dancing to remember the routine is a very old stuff - Thierry (LungTa) told me plenty of teams also used to do it years ago (they used to do it, especially with 2 lines kites to appreciate the distances better and understand when to go slower or faster - to have all kites to seem to fly at the same speed - when they were competing for the world cup in the 90's) I recorded the video of the Flick in 2003 which i like very much because it was during a great party in Berck where some other team danced also their routines (i especially remeber steve matchett dancing like crazy on the FlyingSquad routine on Stephen Hoath's "GOs"...) But the last Flick routine is even better : they have recorded this summer a much more creative moment than anything done before : http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/2009/0...-the-flic-team/
  12. Hi Brian - You're true - it has nothing to do with "who's the best" - but just having fun and meeting great people
  13. You think you know how to fly a rev... Let's compare to those ones !!! See my last video where my parisian friends Jean APOSTOLIDES and Christophe MAUBOUSSIN flying their last routine at the Berck Festival, north of France in April 2009 (Watch it in High Qualy an a wide screen if you can) http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/2009/1...-at-berck-2009/
  14. Hello my american friends, I had a littel problem because i understood that you were flying only during the weekend, only in the liberty park NJ, in front of the statue and not in central parc - now i can understand why ! the wind is such a mess in central park - but i really wanted to fly there - it was during the weeke - a wensday afternoon as i rememeber - Helen Richester had to meet with all of you the next weekend and i was leaving on friday... so i did send any other messages - it seems too complicated - plus i flew in Fire island all weekend before, had a great time and was with my girl friend who has to wait for me while i fly. The hollydays where organised for her - not for me - so i stayed just 1 hour in Central Park with my kites. - I went also to 3 kites festivals in Jakarta, Muna Island and Bali (Indonesia) the next 2 weeks. and this was a lot of flying during the summer ! Now you know it all - but i will send you a message next time i come, and be very pleased to fly with you - i will post very soon so videos about how to make incredible indonesian traditional kites with leaves and baboo ! I hope you like them - and please tell me when you come to Paris - we are 10 flying revs here - Sorry for that !
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