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  1. Bolau this year, does not attend Berck, we're going to Las Vegas, "VIVA LAS VEGAS". We married Teresa and me. We fly and we will run in the World Championship in Ivanpah Blokart and fly. There will be more years in Berck.
  2. IMAGINE routine for the Revoclinic 2011, is now a full ballet for Revoclinic 2012. Thanks IMAGINE.
  3. IMAGINE routine for the Revoclinic 2011, is now a full ballet for Revoclinic 2012. Thanks IMAGINE.
  4. Revoclinic 2012 Offer We have finally got the best possible prices for everything and, finally, here it is the Revoclinic 2012 offer. As you already know, it will take place the weekend of the 3 and 4 of March 2012 in Gandia’s beach, the offer is as follows: From Saturday 3 to Sunday 4, double room : 70€ From Friday 2 to Sunday 4, double room: 110€ From Friday 2 to Monday 5, double room: 180€ Extra for individual room: 25€ per night Saturday dinner for those with no hotel room: 15€ PRICES ARE PER PERSON, NOT PER ROOM Price includes hotel, breakfast, Saturday Paella, dinner and registration with the right for the draw. For those not hosted in the hotel the registration fee is 20€ and includes the Saturday´s Paella and the right for the draw. If you do not want the Paella, then the registration is 10€ with the right for the draw. All participants must be registered, registration gives you the right to attent the workshops both in the beach and at the hotel and to participate in the draw (with some very nice prices). We must pay the hotel 15 days before the festival, that is we need confirmation of your participation and FULL PAYMENT before February the 17th. We cannot assure the hotel after that date and cannot reimburse any paid amount in case of cancelation (hotel will be already paid). We will be hosted at the same hotel of last year, four stars Bayren hotel, front line beach just in the field. The quality of service, meals and rooms is first class. You can check their web to see it at http://www.hotelesrh.com/hoteles-en-gandia/hotel-rh-bayren . Hosted participants can enjoy the facilities of the hotel like gym and Jacuzzi, free Wi-Fi and so. We will have a conference room at our disposal the full weekend for our activities. Saturday we will enjoy traditional Paella in the same restaurant of every year. You all know it is excellent and nearby the field. If you like to join us for another kind of paella on Sunday you can do so for 10€ per person. This year we have learned the lesson and have made the registration process a bit different. You have a form available to download here with all the necessary information for the registration. Just download it, fill it and hit send. We will receive it and send you the reservation number and payment instructions. That way we can better control the payments and associate them to the persons (last year it was a bit confusing). Then you make the payment and … enjoy the clinic! For any questions or help you can contact us at [email protected] or by phone 651505781 (English spoken). We believe this is a very good offer and hope you all will like it. Hope to see you in the Revo Clinic 2012, you cannot miss it! Download the form clicking here (click right button and save as. Open it, fill it, hit send and follow on screen instructions. It is pretty easy)
  5. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Enhorabuena amigo !!!!!!!! Me alegro mucho, buen video,
  6. Many girls, flying Revos, much better
  7. This event, born from the illusion of flying Revos and share it with many friends, everyone, for everyone, so every year it grows, despite the economic situation. We are eager to meet again.
  8. Great festival, more photos in: www.bolau.org
  9. In Japon: Good, greetings from Spain, from where they flew the ballet for Revoclinic 2011. We are very pleased to be flying in other countries and is a tool for learning many kite fliers Revolution, congratulations on the video a hug for all pilots Japanese consumers, participants.
  10. Me gusta Gustavo, algun dia volaremos juntos,un abrazo.
  11. En el festival de Valencia, vamos a volar 4 equipos, de 4 miembros,cada equipo, esta rutina a la vez.Grabaremos algo en video, un abrazo amigo.
  12. One activity that was done, was to train a ballet, with sticks in groups of 4, created for the event by the team IMAGINA, I leave the video link, it was fun, later flew on the beach in 5 groups of 4, despite a little wind got this ballet is to fly in festivals and meetings of the Spanish teams and all you want, always in groups of several teams. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBvVA0l4kFk Sorry for my English, I use translator
  13. Day, 26 and 27 March, we celebrated the third edition of the RevoClinic in Spain, organized by BOLAU and Gonzalez Brothers, with an attendance of 72 participants, I leave a link to see photos of the event, an article soon , narrating the whole weekend. http://www.bolau.org
  14. These are the new kites of Bolau. Design BOLAU (in collaboration with the Iñako sketcher). Made by the BROTHERS GONZALEZ. We are very contentments, with the final result, the kites fly very well, they are very manageable, they respond very or in all the situations, and according to which rods are put, they adapt very or to smooth winds. We wait for ball with them in many festivales.
  15. You pass it well, very funny video, keep having a good time, for that matter.
  16. We are very impatient to arrive at Berck, we see ourselves in days
  17. Only comment, we aré going to have fun with all the friends we meet, we have the assistance of pilots Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.
  18. Feliz cumpleaños Linda,nos vemos en Berck.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqJAwSvPEUw&feature=player_embedded Another version of the same band, in video ours of a year ago.
  20. I vote for this one too!! Buen video. Fernan.
  21. Se ve muy bien,Polo,buena colaboracion Polo y los Hermanos. ¡¡¡Enhorabuena!!!!.
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