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  1. Hi Rick, I got Bart's message. Yes, I'm in Spokane and would love to fly any time!! Whitefish is no hop,skip and a jump from Spokane!! If you find youself comming to Spokane some weekend, let me know. Bring the wind and we'll fly!! I've got a bunch of Revs and am always looking for people to fly with. Are you going to the Lincoln City festival in October?? I think I'm going. Too bad we didn't meet at WSIKF.. Mark
  2. Thanks for all the great info!! I have a 100% Shook on its way to me as we speak. Found one for sale!! Can't wait!!!
  3. We should probably ask Elliot Shook to clarify, then we can stop guessing. You're right!! I just sent the Shook's an e-mail!
  4. I am considering the purchase of an Eliot Shook mesh/weave kite and wondering the differences between the 100% and the 75% weave. Any preferences, suggestions?? Mark
  5. I too, missed going last March due to hip surgery but won't miss this one!! Count me in!! Mark G
  6. Hey Katrina, Cool video!! Thanks for posting!!! Mark
  7. Bart, I ordered a B2 from Theresa and it's being delivered at Long Beach!! You're more than welcome to fly it!! I got to fly Wayne's (SV) son's Rev II at Lincoln City and it was very fun.. Couldn't resist buying!!! Purple/Black!!! Can't wait!!! Mark
  8. Wayne, Have a great birthday...whats left of it!!! I'll see you at WSIKF... Mark
  9. Jim, Where do you get the mesh fabric to make the repairs?? I just noticed a tear in my std sail LE mesh.. the kite I have with the most hours. Mark
  10. I was really hoping to attend the clinic this year as I had so much fun and learned so much last year. I just had a full hip replacement on Monday and they tell me I can't drive for 6 weeks. It might be too hard to fly from a walker even if I could get there!! I've flown quite a bit this winter and what I'm finding out is that the more you fly the better you get!! I know, no revelation but it is satisfying to make progress. I know the clinic would have sped up the process. I should be getting around ok by the time Lincoln City festival starts and hope to see all that helped me out last year there or at WSIKF. Mark
  11. Watty, Happy Birthday!!! I had great fun flying with you a couple of weekends ago!! I'll see you in Lincoln City.. Mark G
  12. Happy B-Day Terry!!!..Also just wanted to say thanks again for all the help you gave me at the Rev Clinic. I'll see you in Lincoln City in June.. Mark G....
  13. I appreciate all the suggestions! Thanks to all!!! So here's my plan... Tom, I think I am going to glue the kite. Quick fix will get me flying short term.. And I know I won't be satisfied... Kent and Simon, ultimately I will take your suggestion too, the 100% fix is to have the panel replaced. I didn't know that Rev did repairs.. Theresa, I'll take a #3!!! I'll call you for details. Walt, love the kite stake. I should have got the short stake too. Orange!! Thanks again, Mark G
  14. Here is a picture of the tear. Thanks for all the help. Watty, I'll be in touch. Mark G
  15. I was one of the participants at the Rev clinic in Long Beach over the weekend and had so much fun and learned more than I ever expected!! Thank you very much to John, Steve, Watty and all the instructors. Fellow participants helped me all weekend as well, Brad and Terry and John and so many others!! A special thanks to Bazzer for teaching the newest of us team flying on Sunday.. I didn't think it was possible..Great fun!! But more to my dilemma...Our team flying was not without incident.. I crashed and tangled and took down the team on more than one occasion. When ending the day I found my 1.5B Vent had a large vertical tear in the center panel about 6" long but not near any of the seams. My question is, can this be repaired? Will repair tape hold or can the panel be replaced? The kite is new otherwise; only flown at this clinic..Suggestions?? Mark G
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