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  1. UKtotty

    Rev BB series give away

    I can do the voice and am very close to Hants! Maybe I could just drive down there and do it Frankie Howerd style
  2. UKtotty

    I'm the proud owner of my first Kite Store!

    I love that!! I want one
  3. UKtotty

    New Arrivals

    Cheers for the feedback guys, and the history is very interesting too John cheers Yes Baloo the lines will be atttached very soon, (thanks) I heed the comments about flying them, they will be airborne very soon!! Russ
  4. UKtotty

    New Arrivals

    Ah yes well spotted Tom, that was to differentiate between the carbon!!! says he trying to cover up
  5. UKtotty

    New Arrivals

    Cheers Spence, I am uneducated it seems So I have a 1.5 SLE and 1.5 SUL then
  6. UKtotty

    I Have A Question For Everyone (re AKA)

    1) No I am not a member 2) I have never heard of it
  7. UKtotty

    New Arrivals

    Well after a few weeks of wating, I now have my first proper Revs Rev 1 and Rev SLE What do you think?
  8. UKtotty

    Hello... and my first Rev flight

    Seems John bought his fom the same guy I bought mine, so we have a matching pair Enjoy it mate
  9. UKtotty

    Buying a used Rev 1

  10. UKtotty

    B Series VS B Series Pro

    So what are the prices of these 2 beasts then?
  11. UKtotty

    Hot off the press and into your hands

    Some of these sail designs are amazing!! This is no exception
  12. UKtotty

    Margate International Festival v Euro Cup

    Well Margate was 145 miles each way!! So decided to go to Weston You may have seen me on the grassy bit with a Cody, a Benson DS and a 3m Symphony?
  13. UKtotty

    Buying a used Rev 1

    Well mine arrived yesterday! Pics to follow, looks to be in great nick, but came with SUL spars?? Is that right?
  14. UKtotty

    Buying a used Rev 1

    Wow Brian So many questions! Umm dunno yet, tell you what, when it arrives I will get a pic and no its not pink! Russ
  15. UKtotty

    Buying a used Rev 1

    I just bought a used Rev1 from a guy in the USA for $75 Thought it was a pretty good deal, just awaiting delivery now!