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  1. The length of it would make it pretty good for sand, I imagine. I'm currently in Antarctica and there is simply no soil. It's ice I can't get a stake into or rocks. I use a "sand anchor" (or snow anchor) and put a stone in the pouch. It works OK but not great. I have to MacGyver a better hook to keep the handles from getting tangled. Ideas?
  2. Thanks, mate. Exactly what I needed to know. See you there. Mitch
  3. This is my first time going to the nationals or to Wildwood for any reason. Is the Marlane a nearby place to stay? Is Mike Mossman looking for people to fill the rooms he's reserved? Would appreciate some advice about where people are flying into and where they are staying. Mitch
  4. I mostly fly on turf in parks and so on. I've taken to using multiple stakes. When I'm flying revs, I put down my bag and plant two stakes about 3 feet apart. a handle goes over each. I find fewer tangles and can separate twists easier with the handles separated. I just leave them there. Bright orange golf ball or painted wine bottle cork, or whatever is on top of the stake. It's my home base and easy to find. Then I carry around a 6 or 7 inch piece of carbon fiber tube with a nurf ball (firm foam ball used in kid's toy guns) on the end. They come in findable colors. I've plugged the hold in the sharp end with epoxy and filed it at an angle. It weighs virtually nothing, is not very sharp and fits nicely in my pocket or stuck in my belt without any kind of scabbard. I use this to stake if I'm far from "base" or, more usually, for the walk of shame. It can't poke a hole in my pocket (or the parts of me that are next to my pocket), and is always where I need it. It's the only one I use when I'm flying duelies...like my new Prism Zephyr. Thank you Kent. Wouldn't hold against a gale, but heck...this is St. Louis.
  5. Please remind me. What frame did the Zen come with. They are marked as "Zen", but are they 2 wrap or 3? or something altogether different? I presume heavier but not as stiff as Race rods.
  6. Also, you have chosen to have the increased weight and rigidity at the outside of the wing and the increased flex and decreased weight in the center. Does that improve handling?
  7. 6 am here. My bedtime. I'll check it out first thing when I get up. Thanks. Mitch
  8. I'd be quite interested to hear how the experiment goes with race rods. The Zen is already quite flexible in any but the barest breeze. I'd love to take a tad of weight off, but don't want to fold the thing in half when I load the sail up with the 3 miles per hour wind I have in by biceps. Keep us posted on that, please.
  9. Cool! My Zen looks best with the sun scintilating through the panels. Can't wait for pics of the African sun behind your kite! Incidentally, I have extended the wind range of my Zen with a set of Magic Sticks that Scott Weider made for me. The Europeans use them in competition and I find they nicely stiffen the kite just a touch in stiffer winds. (thanks Scott) In lighter winds, not needed. In freasher breezes, it pushes the zen into Rev 1 territory. Customized?
  10. You think 50' is short enough to feel the difference? I've tried on 80' but the word that comes to mind in "boggy" or perhaps "squishy". I know it's not the kite because when the wind is up a bit, the Zen is far more responsive. Not the B pro but showing it's promise. I don't know about 12 feet, but on lines like that I could fly in my own front yard! A dream come true:kid_content:.
  11. Thanks. Clearly I'm not alone in my impression of LPG. If the weight makes no diff, I see no reason to mess with the lighter lines, especially if I'm trying to fly shorter lines (maybe cut the difference and try 40 or 50 before I go to having to be "on it".) I can see why every gram might make a difference indoors, but 30# lines must be like gossamer! Are they subject to Brownian motion!? (Science joke about molecules making the line jiggle...) Does anybody know if there is a way to recondition LPG? Can you wax them? I have a set that is looking a little rough and beginning to "sing" with fewer wraps.
  12. I got my Zen with 50# 50' Shanti lines. I've been having better luck flying low wind (thanks, JB about your advice re sail loading ) but I think the Shanti line is wimpy and tangle prone. Catches on every blade of grass. Don't know if it's the type of line or the weight. I much prefer the LPG 90#, but is 90# too heavy for the Zen in light winds? What is John flying in that Zen dock play vid? He flies pretty short lines! I wonder if that would in fact be easier with a kite as big as the Zen. Snappier, if you will. Any advice? Mitch
  13. OK. Thanks for your patience. I have the sense of it. I think I will give Lee a call and get the specifics. If he has any innovations, I post them here, with his permission. One last thing. I imagine the quad version like a moving dot in the air, with perfect mobility in all directions. Sort of like a round computer cursor in the sky. Any point on the circle is the leading edge. Am I close? Mitch
  14. Too coo-el! So there is a 4 legged dome on each side. It's actually a sphere with a sail strung from it's equator. Or is the dome more shallow than the curve of the kite (an oblate sphere)? The rim on my UFO is about 1/8" solid carbon rod. Are the dome pieces the same size or much smaller? I presume the connections are standard so I might be able to do this myself. I haven't found anyplace that sells it like this. Do you know of one? I should be able to make it and in my one phone conversation with Lee he did not seem at all interested in being the the kite selling business and encouraged me to make my own. I'm not terribly confident of my kite making skills, but having one of these might be worth the experiment.
  15. Thanks again, Guru, I think I've got the basics. I've got a close up of the handles Lee made. I'll try to put some together. I can't imagine what magic sticks would look like on this kind of kite. I've go some for my B pro and for the Zen (great addition) but they stand out from the vertical tubes. What do they attach to on the UFO? I've called Lee once and he was remarkably friendly and accessible. I rather think of him as a giant in the field, but apparently he thinks of himself as a guy who likes to fly kites. Refreshing. If I can get some pics of the kite it it's full quad regalia I'll post them. If you have one, please put it up.
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