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  1. i have 2 sets race rods black brand new never used full sets 5 pieces retail for 90 each will send for 50 each or 90 for both.
  2. looking for video of john and the video that was of clair duall doing a tribute to patsy cline at treasure island festival we would like to post it for people to see Claire is not doing well at all and would like for friends and family to see
  3. send me a pm i have 9o lspectra and 90lb dyneema and i have lots of laser pro gold in 50lb maybe we can do something
  4. ive done a few no sew applications with the same stuff in post above never had one come apart great stuff to use on first build so you can get the idea of building something some times i would sew over the seam it makes it a whole lot easier when learning the fabric doesn't move as lone as you lubricate the needle about every 20 feet of sewing i made a homemade oilier for my machine so the needle doesn't gum up
  5. hey bob u mean u havent even tried the 4-8 yet when i first bought it i couldnt wait wind was a screaming 15mph and i launched the 4- 8 for about 15 seconds and landed it and put it away and waited for 5mph much better experiance wasnt long before i took out again in 15mph no problem its s great kite i already have sellers remorse dont forget if you ever want to get rid of it let me know send me your address i have the other leading edge piece i will send i thought i put in bag but it was in bed of truck didnt know till i got home and emptyied truck out i acctually have a leading end and middle to send ya enjoy the kite Steve
  6. i still dont know how to post pics so you can see them here http://www.gwtwforum.com/index.php?topic=9355.0 thanks for lookin
  7. i have a eight stack same kites and on kite #5 1/4 inch shorter bottom # 6 was 1/2 shorter then 3/4 and 7/ 8 on the last that works best for me i dont know how on a stack with standard and mid vent and vented would be because each kite in same wind will have different speed when flys if vented are in front i would think more forward top line shorter then mid alittle longer and so on just my two cents
  8. bob just sent new pm new forum doesnt send pm like before it used to come on screen as soon as i sign in got it now
  9. hey bob did you get my pm i have one pm me back if your interested
  10. if your looking for used i might have a couple and they even have quad sticks i never took off
  11. happy happy birthday from both of us
  12. i have all three power series and they are great buggy kites like Kent said it took some time to really get the most out of the power for buggying but once you do speed is incredible i actually like them better than my foils but it did take a while to get really tuned in to the kite i use a little more brake to stop fluttering its a small sweet spot but its a great spot to be in
  13. i love all my revs and i have all of them .power series speed series some masters don't have a pro yet but have flown them one of my most favorites is my b2 its a blast in big wind and love it on 50 lb line in light wind and it was a gift which makes it even more special don't need to name who the gift giver was he knows so it will always be special also love my rev 1s all the revs have a place depends how i want to fly love the 4-8 for buggying and have used the 2-4 for buggying a little tough to learn sweet spot but once you do will out perform most power kites for buggying
  14. the actual color on the first one is agua and razzberry
  15. i did an experement on wind range with a single line kite measured wind 7 ft off ground it was 12 put wind meter on line in bridle so it pointed in right direction and 25 ft up it went to 19 at 50 ft up went to 32mph what we feel on ground is not always the same up higher i have revs that are 20 years old and no damage i am a little extra careful esspecally after doing experement but never had a tear just some sail stretching rev always backs up there product maybe ask them they are top notch
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