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  1. I also would like to say thanks! It is an honor! I get to do what I love, and promote the kites that I love! Win-Win!
  2. That is the stuff. I am partial to the colored EVA. It is a little firmer than the haypalon. The black EVA is fine also. The colored EVA comes in 24" sections. Enough for two sets of handles. I just wish that offered all the colors that they do in the 1/2" ID.
  3. I make my own "snag free" handles using 3/8" aluminum. I think the rev handles are the same size. I get all my foam from www.mudhole.com. Also, Some people swear by the double sided tape for golf handles to attach the foam. I have had nothing but bad luck with the stuff, so I switched to epoxy. Works much better (for me anyhow).
  4. I would try dawn dish soap. It is what they use to clean oil off of birds when an oil spill happens. If it can clean feathers I would assume it can clean line. I have had great luck using Meguiars Ultimate Quick Wax spray to re-lubricate my lines. Spray the lines while they are on the winder, then fly them dry.
  5. I haven't had any problems like that. You can spray the wax right on your hand and it leaves no discernible residue. I have about 8 hours on the lines since I sprayed them and they are still way better than before the spray. My home field is grass, so I can't speak for the sand. But they feel no different than they did before. The lines are Laser Pro Golds. The wax is a "maintenance" wax. Used to keep up with the wax after using a paste wax. So it isn't a thick pasty wax. It really feels like water, just slightly thicker. I did give them a good rinse when I got back from Grand Haven to get the sand out. So they were fairly clean. Someone else needs to try it. To confirm my suspicions anyhow. JB- if you read this you should try it on the lines you are running through your dog stake. You got some Nanowax with V1 didn't you? Use it and see if you feel a difference.
  6. I wanted to pass on a trick I learned recently. I have been flying with the same line set since last fall, and they have alot of time on them. They were starting to get sticky, and would tighten up after getting 3 or 4 wraps in them. I use a spray wax on my cars that works great. It is basically a nano wax suspended in a water based solution. Yesterday when I went out to fly, I sprayed my lines while they were still on the winder. Enough to soak them all the way through. Then I set up and flew them dry. Which only took a few minutes. The difference was night and day. They feel like a new set of lines again. I could put twice the number of twists into them before they would tighten up. I don't know yet how long the wax will stay on the lines, but I would be willing to bet it will stay on for a while. The wax is under $10 bucks. Cheap for how well it works. Here is the wax I used. Eagle One also makes a way I am sure would work the same. It is called "Nano Wax"---Mikey Devereaux
  7. Passion, Busted knuckles, random scraps of aluminum whipped at nearby walls. All told, it was actually fun to make! Thanks JB for the kind words. Thought I would add a couple more pictures. One in progress, one finished.
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