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  1. Great video, I like it a lot. Nice mix of the fest, revs, and flyers. Looking forward for the 2012 video. Mike and Peggy
  2. I like the cross lines pictures also. One day I will get a picture, from the pole camera, looking down at the pilots with the lines crossed. When I got these shots I knew I wanted cross lines picture of the pilots. I do not know how to insert pictures so I did them as links. My link My link Mike and Peggy
  3. Ben, I like the picture in your 1st post. How ever I have this thing about putting a camera on a kite, kite line or on top of a pole for my pictures. I would like to some day get a picture like it with the kite 10' to 15' above ground level. Just a different look to it that way. Mike and Peggy
  4. poolking

    South Padre Island Kite Fest, 2012

    South Padre Island Kite Fest, 2012 Everyone had a great time.
  5. Update: The 2012 S.P.I Kite Fest Indoor Exhibition will be held at the South Padre Island Convention Centre. For more info call B&S Kites @ 956-761-1248 I got an e-mail saying it will be 3 to 4 times bigger than the Boys and Girls Club Gym. It sounds like it will be a fun time for all there. Mike and Peggy
  6. We will see how it goes, it is hard to do the Rev clinic and take pictures. Will make it work some how. I got some pictures last year of Terry and Scott. I would like to try and do something like them with IQuad members. Oh yea, and Ben. Mike and Peggy
  7. Thanks JB. Last year every one was caught a little flat-footed. I am going to go ahead and send Susie my payment for the Rev clinic. Mike and Peggy
  8. We plan on going. I think there is a Rev Clinic the Friday of the Kite Fest. Will IQuad be there the week before for winter training? If so, I would like to meet up with them to try and get some pictures. Mike and Peggy
  9. Wish we could make it up there to help the with video. It might help with the camera 10' to 20' high, but them again I may be wrong. Mike
  10. Very nice video, I like it. Not sure what camera you use to record the video, weight . You may think about trying it with PoleAP. Something like I did at South Padre Island Kite Fest. I did stills, video is not as easy. You can get some great angles. http://www.revkites.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&module=user&user=2757&do=view_album&album=511 Mike
  11. Will we get to see the B2 in action this next weekend at SPI? Hmm I may want to get some pictures of if. Mike and Peggy
  12. Hey dagnabbit I now see you are member of team EOL. I did get some KAP and PAP of you guys. I have a e-mail address to send them to the cafe. I will try to get them sent in the next week or 2. I do have family in Cedar Park and Round Rock. I will let you know the next we head up that way. Hoping at the end of March. Mike, Peggy & Cali IKapIQuad IPapIQuad And Team EOL
  13. I did get to KAP Sunday. Friday was land base pictures, was in the Rev clinic. Saturday was PoleAP. The wind was to strong to put my kite up. I don't have a total number of pictures from the long weekend, it is over 2000. Will take some time to look at them, will post when I can. We are recharging batteries and checking gear and kites. Sugar Land(TX) is having there 1st kite fest Saturday. dagnabbit, guess I need to look at see were Leander is. Is it anywhere around Houston? Mike, Peggy & Cali IKapIQuad IPapIQuad
  14. Video from the SPI Indoor fly. My 1st time to see indoor flying live, what a treat. Steve http://www.youtube.c...h?v=wQQaz3o9GUw Monkey http://www.youtube.c...h?v=G7S8vFyW38w I have a lot of pictures to look at. Will try to post some. Mike, Peggy & Cali IKapIQuad IPapIQuad
  15. Hey Steve, Happy birthday to you and may more. Looking forward to see you again at the SPI Rev clinic. David, my I put in my order for Stevie's SLE spankings next week in SPI. I will even bring my own SLE. LOL Mike, Peggy & Cali IKapIQuad IPapIQuad
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