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  1. UPDATE - everything has sold except: B series - Night Rev with two framesets and storage bag $190 and Rev travel frameset $65
  2. I'm getting quite a few PM's about this so I'll add the details here for efficiency's sake. It started with the dark side which lead to the darker side... power kites have taken over and kite buggying has got a firm grip on my kite life now. The Rev's are very unhappy and have been lobbying for a new home; they want some air time! Prices are in Cdn, do not include shipping and can be paid with paypal. Kites and gear is barely used and is in very good shape B Series - Night - Standard - with 3 wrap frameset and 2 wrap frameset and storage bag - $190 1.5 SLE - Full Vent - Purple and White - 4 wrap frameset and storage bag - $125 Travel Frame - $65 Stock 13" stainless handles - $25 Linesets: 90lbs x 85 $30 90lbs x 50 $28 laserpro gold 90 lbs x 30 $25 laserpro gold Contact me by email for more details and photos: [email protected] thanks, Erin
  3. I'm planning on selling two of my Revs and some extra lines and handles. I'm not getting all that much Rev action these days due to having gone to the darker side of.... kite buggying! <gasp!> Can I post my goodies for sale on the Rev forum or is that a no-no? thanks, Erin
  4. Hi again. I just started to pay attention to some of the details outlined on page one of this thread. So 120 ' line sets, eh? What were we flying at last year's mega fly attempt at WSIKF? I think it was 100 ' lines, am I right? I barely have room for fly my 85' lines in our little park at Vanier especially now that they have added a large sprawling sculpture on the field. So do you think it is going to be much of a problem switching to longer lines when I'm down in Washington in August? Suggestions, advice.....?!
  5. Thanks John, I figured it would take a lot to keep you away from your kites and this forum - hope you continue to get well quickly!
  6. Count me in! Hey John, did you get my email with my sign up info? thanks, Erin
  7. John, that video showing the basic moves necessary for the mega fly was HUGELY helpful! Thanks so much for filming it and posting it here! OK, now....(checks her calendar)....when is my next day off....I've gotta get out there and practice!
  8. Thanks a lot for that list Watty! Really helpful to get an idea of what is necessary to not make a total debacle of this event. Last year most any of us with a Rev were encouraged to go into the Mega fly. Naturally the beginners were grouped at the end. I was there and definitely a solid noob! It really only took one unskilled move by one beginner to bring a whole load of us down! No wonder the better fliers didn't want to be too close by! And then of course we managed to stall the process for a long time as we valiantly struggled to untangle our kites and lines. I like the idea of a more organized mega fly and I can also understand now, with a little more Rev wisdom, why its not preferable to join in if one's skills are too underdeveloped. That said, the kite season is just really beginning in earnest around here and I figure I've got three solid months to work on my skills. If it still looks I could cause a mid air explosion or be a magnet for a mid air explosion, I'll be happy to just hang 'in back,' camera at the ready and Rev safely in the bag, out of harms way.
  9. I have a few questions about the self assessment of our level as a Rev flyer. What would a level 1 flier be able to do, and what about level 2 and so on? Are there certain skills that are indicators of one's level? And are there certain essential skills without which one would be a fool to try join in the mega fly, and, if so, what are they? thanks, Erin
  10. No can do the Rev clinic after all, sorry John. Turns out a seat sale for Vegas came up so grabbed it and am now NABX bound. It had to be one of the other, can't do both this year but hey, next year could be different. Have fun you all, I'll be looking forward to seeing some vid's.
  11. Thanks - will keep you posted.... its between the Rev clinic and NABX the week to follow. Depends upon which event I can make travel arrangements for first.
  12. OK great, can you put me down tentatively John? thanks!
  13. Wow'sa, I just saw this clinic show up on my Facebook page as part of the Kitelife update. I hadn't been keeping up with the forum due to a busy work life.... Is there still room for a novice? I'd have to check into getting a ride down...hopefully some other BC fliers are heading down and someone would like some company (and gas money of course!). Its gonna be between this and NABX for me and, if I can get the arrangements made for Long Beach, the Rev clinic may just edge out NABX by a cm or two.
  14. The perfect winter weekend for the Snow Queens! Glad you guys and gals had such a great time!
  15. Hey good to know. I have the travel frame too....now I just need to get a Powerblast....
  16. Really sweet little video - nice flying!
  17. Nice one Mario, way to torture us! Its cloudy with a threat of rain here....you've picked a good time to be away! Have a wonderful trip.
  18. Nice vid Terry. Dang, I hated the fact that I missed that festival! Next year is gonna be different!!!
  19. Yeah, but as Dennis Smith (aka "Smitty") says... "If you can't fly good, LOOK GOOD." Too true, take it from an experienced poser, if you can't play the part, at least look the part!
  20. Not being from the States, I have not joined the AKA. Other than discounts at some american kite shops, I'm not sure what the advantage would be to joining the association.
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