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  1. I just think the background is wrong! As said, there should be a nice blue sky peppered with soft white clouds. That would make it perfect! Enjoy Tim
  2. timwetter


    Just been told that we will be here for at least another 8 weeks with a possibility of an extra 6 months. They really know how to cheer people up!! Yes, you see troops being pulled out on tv, but you dont see them being flown back again!!
  3. timwetter


    Well, the REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) boys did it again! They borrowed my EXP for 2 hours and made their own copy of it. They used Advantage DPM (camo..disrupted pattern material) parachute silk and lightweight ABS spars to turn out a fabulous kite (where the hell they got a sewing machine / seamstress from i have no idea) I was flying my EXP quite happily then this DPM "Rev' comes whipping past my head, scared the sh1t out of me!!! I Couldn't see the flyers as they were secreted in a wadii (dry river bed) 1 up to REME for the 'stitch' up (pun intended) I spoke to the flyer who told me that "it looked like fun so we thought lets make a better one" They have submitted a request for carbon rods and miles of line, knowing them, it'll be dropped before we get our mail drop!! I heard them mention thousand foot lines on monofilament Since the 'Deeps' maiden flight, I have seen the plans for a Humongously massive Rev-a-like. standard Rev shape but PowerBlast proportions. These guys are the ultimate best there is at their game, I have NO doubts at all that they WILL succeed in their mission......To have maximum fun when not at work!! Helmand is a boring place, it's amazing what people do to relieve boredom. There's plenty of clean wind about and miles of open space to fly in, shame it's so bloody dangerous. I can't wait to get home
  4. Hi ShadowShop. Your not alone with breakages on first outing, i managed to collapse the entire leading edge of my Blast, ground impact at full speed! It does teach you to slow down though. I took it easy after that, trying each move in the instructions...slowly lol I now have the opportunity to fly non-stop all day until we're called to standby, I'm really getting to enjoy my Rev now, you will too.
  5. It's real nice to know that there's still people out there who will go the extra mile. There's far to many people who take your money and run. Glad you had fun too.
  6. Add a 1.5 full sail (other half bought it for me for a welcome home present, girls told me lol....huge secret hahaha) When i finally get back to Blighty, you can add a B series vented too (after payment has been sent, it's mine...even tho i've not even laid eyes on it yet, "it's a tube that rattles" ....Her description, Not mine) The Revolution bug has well and truly bitten!!
  7. I added that vid to my iphone for practice. And... It worked!!!! I did it! Lots of times!! WooHoo....Thanks Watty!!
  8. I hope this sounds as diplomatic as it is meant to be. I really hope that I don't offend anyone here, but I have always believed that Art in any form can't and won't please everyone. If it were any kind of Revolution design for raffle, then it would become as appealing as the first draw. Maybe a Power Blast with the SS Great Britain & Bristol (Cities logo, not festival) as the central emblazoned design. To me that would signify 2 main things: The Power that Bristol was during the Maritime era. The Blast from one of SS GB's guns Far enough up river to easily defend, and a Central Strategic Military and Trading Point. (Military till end of WW1) Adding the SS GB design adds a wow factor for locals and the ship is recognisable by most (& JB lol) As stated, I really hope that this doesn't offend. I will be supporting Bristol by attending, hope to meet some of you there. Tim
  9. Just added as a POI to visit for when i get back home.
  10. Let us know your feelings about the place, may visit him too one day
  11. I used to 'fly' an American Eagle Owl & a pair of Kestrels, Didn't own them, but got out most weekends with them. Always let them catch their own bunny on the way home. Agreed, they are amazing creatures and being able to unleash one is a rare treat.
  12. Maybe you already know this place, but it may be close to you KiteWorks UK (Chalkies) He stocks Rev's & Rev spares, If you look at his page, he has a power blast on offer for £295. Hope this helps
  13. Chris, you dont say where you are. If your close to me, you'd be welcome to try what i have. (EXP, Blast & soon to be 1.5 and Bseries vent) Im Swansea area (Close to some awesome sand & clean winds) Cheers Tim Be back in the UK soon so if your interested and close enough.....
  14. I'm new to Revolution kites myself, but I have an EXP and a Blast. I have the EXP with me at the moment and find it's a great all round Starters kite. From the posts on this site, most people would recommend the 1.5 as a starter and the B series if (when) you get hooked. my EXP flies really well, but it's not perfect. the available moves 'can' be done, but it's a beginners kite (to me, EXP says Experience, as in a taster, a try before you spend thousands lol) Start with what you can afford, as you will soon be told..........you'll soon have a REV stockist on speed dial lol. Go for a full kit, lines & handles & DVD, makes sense to get it 'right' from the beginning. You'll soon be thinking lazer pro lines, 2,3 & 4 wraps, race rods, bridles, the list goes on (and on and on) You'll soon see why they welcome you with.............Welcome to the Dark side lmao... ATB Tim
  15. Where abouts are you? If UK, I can give you an email address of an SLE for £100 was offered it but I'm away from home atm. Cheers Tim
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