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  1. dkhill1

    Never Forget

    Amen Ben. You and Kent need to put those Twin Tower kites in the air today!
  2. Their is one here: http://www.gwtwforum...hp?topic=7914.0
  3. My vote is to keep em and sell em. If you get a chace take a picture of them so we can get anidea of what they look like. I always wanted a Pro. Thanks Ben!
  4. Have an awesome Birthday Antman!! Doug
  5. I thought you were Italian, ( just kidding!). Have an awesome birthday Sammy!!
  6. I had the same thing happen when I did not realize that the loop in the center of the sail along the leading edge was not attatched to the bridle.
  7. What the heck Ant!! At least you waited till after all the snow, (we hope), and the O.T. involed in keeping the streets of Wildwood safe. One handed flying, you crack me up! Get well!!
  8. Hope you had a great Birthday weekend at Nascar in Vegas. Happy Birthday! Doug
  9. Add a B-night Mid-Vent for me. 5 total.
  10. More clues! That is if we have not solved it
  11. So who's in for LSP? If everone bails, I am heading for Bellmar.
  12. The reason I had discontinued my membership a few years back was that the AKA used to be able to provide insurance whenever you wanted to fly. They ammended that to only at santioned events or recognized local club flies. Since most of the time I am flying at neither, it was just one more of too many membership payments. This also brings up the fact that I bought 3 new revs this year, the discount would have more than paid for the membership!
  13. I have a RevII, Blast, Supersonic, and a std b-series.
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