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  1. This was taken a few years ago at Portsmouth kite festival,my eyes kite and the flying squad.The dinosaur was by a local artist,but sadly destroyed by fire a couple of days later Sent from my HTC One X
  2. all sorted mate,see you next week
  3. I will be there,camping pass permitting Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
  4. Try smearing washing up liquid on your double sided tape,the foams then slide on easy,leave them alone for a few hours till the washing liquid has dried and they will be stuck in place.Been doing it this way for a while now and have had no problems
  5. 🎉 happy birthday from the uk mate🎂 Have a great day
  6. Heres my bazzer eyes.Has to be the best kite I own,certainly draws a crowd at a festival.
  7. These were all taken at the Portsmouth festival 2010.The dinosaur was built by a local artist and decorated with my bazzer eyes and the flying squad
  8. Working fine again for me,thanks for fixing
  9. Send one to me and I can use it for letting people try before they buy when I am at festivals over here in England
  10. Where are you located mate as I may be able to point you in the direction of some other flyers in your area.I live in Colchester and fly at holland on sea
  11. Hello mate Glad your happy with the rev 1,if you are up for a drive come to holland on sea(near clacton)we fly every Sunday,and there is usually 4 or more flyers there who will give you a hand.We are normally there around 9am and stay till we can't fly no more.If your interested pm me and I will give you some more details
  12. Ady I live in Colchester mate and fly at holland haven country park,we fly every Sunday weather permitting,come down perhaps we can help you out --- - All the best Daz
  13. No money,and a 4000 mile trip --- - All the best Daz
  14. Nice flying fella --- - All the best Daz
  15. Vince We have 5 coming to Portsmouth mate --- - All the best Daz
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