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  1. Now there's a scenario I never imagined I'd witness! The owner of a 1.5 telling the owner of a Backtracker "hey ive been tryin to get in touch with ya call me" so he can trade the 1.5 for the Backtracker. @mbro.... better jump on this deal man! FAST!!
  2. +1 on the Maui Jim sunglasses. They're not cheap but like many things (including kites) you get what you pay for! These are my favorites Maui Jim Offshore
  3. I wanted to search for any post(s) with the term "long lines". I have tried using quotes; I have also tried using AND but doesn't seem to work. Is it possible to search for an exact phrase?
  4. John, I recently signed up as a Kitelife subscriber. The main reason was for access to all tutorials. They are very informative and well done..... excellent job Donald
  5. Paul.... thanks or the tips. I'll start another topic regarding the necessity (or not) of the sleeves. I was wondering about this.
  6. WoW that was quick! Theresa I'll be giving you a call. Thanks
  7. I was thinking about learning how to make my own line sets. what do I need to buy and where? I see places to buy line but what about sleeves? Do I need anything else? Thanks
  8. Where's the bridle?
  9. DonaldLL


    I couldn't agree with you more. I have watched it twice now and simply put, the movie is a work of art. By the way, I already bought it with English subtitles on Amazon
  10. Kitefantex you are not allowed to read my mind! By the way, I bought a set of Race rods when I oredered the 2nd Rev so I have that covered. I'll be ordering my 3rd Rev this week. I was thinking (subject to change) that I'd get a Supersonic next so I can add a little speed to the mix but then I found myself considering the standard B. quaa714 my timing is just a little off. I was in New Orleans up until Thursday last week so I missed the Kite Fest Louisiane. The weekend you are in Miami, I am out of town again. Travel will cease for me beginning in May so anytime after that I can take you up
  11. Donald, Give Lolly a call concerning the rods. Though I am not sure concerning the mid vent, it might have been a mistake.

    I know the standard JB be has 2 and 3 wrap and the JB vent has 3 and 4 wrap. I have never seen a statement concerning the rods delivered with the JB mid vent.

  12. The Rev kite arrived the a week ago the day I left town so it sat in the box until I got back today (Friday). I felt like a little kid.... man that was a long week. My mid vent B series came with 2 sets of rods... a Professional Use Only set and an Ultralight set; I also ordered a set of Race rods. Actually, I thought the mid vent would come with the Ultralight and the Revolution Equipped but no matter; I will buy the 4 wrap set anyway just to have more options. Well I left my meter home so I don't know for sure but there wasn't much wind. I'd say 5 mph with some occasional 8 mph bumps but mo
  13. This is good information... thanks to all for the responses! I am travelling a bit in the near future. I won't be home when my 2nd Rev gets delivered and I'll hold off on ordering my 3rd. Now I get to buy different line sets and try all these different combinations..... My name is Donald. I am an addict
  14. Interesting... thanks guys I appreciate the responses. Donald
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