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  1. Well heck, share some pics of the new dew eh? Curls are cool!! Didn't cha know?
  2. This should clear things up for ya! http://en.wikipedia....._Elmo%27s_fire Luckily ya didn't get worse. Glad you're here to chat about it!! Be safe!
  3. Good to see the humor never changes:lol: Ya might wanna send your spars over to JM though......sound like he needs them more than I would.
  4. LOL!! Nice. No I purchased a 1.5 and one of the spars on the end has duct tape on it. I knew about it and all but if I ever want to sell the thing it will be a bit difficult to do. I'm sure you have boatloads of tomatoes. LOL. Maybe when you're done harvesting(tomatoes that is) you can spare a spar?
  5. Any chance one of you fine outstanding kite flyers have an SLE rod lying around collecting dust or holding up something? I just need one of the end pieces. Perhaps bring it to the event? Thanks.
  6. Walt you're a straaaaange cookie. Ya got me though!!! HAhahahahaaaa
  7. Ohhhhh.....that really sucks!!! What happened after that? Beatings with the spar? LOL!!!
  8. I did have a chance to talk with Erv before passing. He will be missed. He was a very pleasant man to have met with and talk to. I'm going.
  9. I have four 1.5 SLE and a Rev EXP. I'm thinking I need to drop a couple SLEs' and get something else. Just not sure what yet. Maybe trade???
  10. I wanna know of any places either in the San Juan Islands( I know of Fort Casey on Whidbey and Deception Pass State Park) OR places to hike into that take you to the tops of mountains!! So far I know of a couple of good places one is inside Rainier and the other is off I-90 near Rattlesnake Lake. Anyone else??
  11. I like Marymoor but for me 60acre Park off of Willows Rd and 124th is sweeeeeet!! The wind shoots down the valley and there is no obstructions. Here: Sammamish River Regional Park, Redmond, Washington. Just type it into Google maps. Whenever any of you want to fly shoot me an e-mail. Also join the local "Meetup Group" for kite flyers out of Kirkland!!
  12. Phew.....took you long enough YES, I have a sense of humor. Couldn't ya tell by my response? Sarcasm is high on my list
  13. Hey Walt, Prices? Bernie
  14. Another thing to point out is that Walt isn't sharpening the..... tip. I don't think you can even scratch yourself with one of his stakes. Well, maybe if you tried REALLY hard. But that wouldn't be the stakes fault, would it? The only worry really is if your free b!@@# , using your crack as the holster and you manage to hit the stake on the marble end in just the right way to angle the tip toward your ummmmmm, "you know" and land on the marble at the same time. You could almost brag about it, if you could manage to make it happen. Boy, there was a deep thought. Dean BUhahahahaaaa,
  15. Also would like to know if there are any power kiters in the group and if the flying area is large enough for getting dragged around . Any good places to stay? Pricing? E-mail coming.
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