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  1. So a rev smaller then a 2, that will be cool to see pics and vids. Ken
  2. Nice blog Bart. Agreed with Thursdays weather posting. But to add an interesting note. When I left the beach Thurs afternoon, went to Wildwood campground for the night. Maybe 1/4 east of the main highway through town, the cold and windy conditions were gone. The wind and overcast were just mostly along the western beach area. I think Howard and I talked some about this. Regarding the flying fields. The walk to C and D was a bit much. I did not fly last year, so sounds like eveyone felt isolated from the fest. Going with Waynes idea about a shuttle. Ken
  3. Gotta work. Would be nice though. Ken
  4. just waiting to fly again.

  5. I will bring my rev2 also. It is the standard r,w,& b like all my other revs. Ken.
  6. On wednesday the 17th, is the Grandparents fun fly. If I remember right kids are matched up with a grandparent for the day and fly a kite together. The kites are donated and go home with the kids at the end of the day. I will be donating 2 kites again, so if anyone else who will be there by Wednesday morning wants to donate a nice new kite or 2, it will be appreciated. The kites don't need to be expensive. Does this sound about right T? Ken
  7. Hey T. Is the AOK having another potluck? Ken
  8. Wednesday is the day I am also heading over. I'll be the back up plan if needed. Ken
  9. That explains it. Was gonna stop by and yak with ya on my lunch time on Sunday, but nobody was there. Just figured you went looking for a better spot. Glad Sunset beach was better.
  10. The Roadhouse is a graet place. They have a few buildings, and some nice outdoor seating also. Need some wind, pull my finger. Ken
  11. There is a huge selection of places with in a miles or so. Arbys, KFC, Sonic, Burgerville.... Or for a group sit down, a IHOP is really close by in one direction, and a On the Border is the other way. The list goes on. Looks like a good attendance for those that can confirm. I might just stop in to watch a listen on both days for a little bit. ( I work on Sunday about 1/4 mile away) Ken
  12. Of course I would love to attend but I delegated my open time to 4 days at WSIKF and some other stuff. I can give only a maybe. Best I can do at this time. I know my skills could use a big help!! Ken
  13. Keeping this low key. Have to part with 1 kite before I can get another. Ken
  14. Sorry, been really busy, catch ya at another time. KenW
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