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  1. hehe, sounds good. We were still planning on hanging out on saturday with y'all -- so many names I need to put with faces (not like I'll remember them heheh) -- it's my Wifes brithday weekend, so it's gonna be a blast for sure. Might even get her to try a rev? heheh They intimidate her, so it may take some coaxing. We'll be staying at the Chautauqua lodge (almost right across the way from the WKM) at the end of the flying fields for wsikf. Hopefully we'll get a good room and be able to see the festival from our suite. Arriving sometime Friday midday - leaving sunday. See you all there!!
  2. Gettin a little excited here. Just booked a hotel for fri through sun. Will be seein y'all there. On a side note, I don't think I'll be able to make the 100 rev fly. My skills aren't the greatest, and the last thing I want is to domino 100 revs (although that would be oddly fun to watch -- a nightmare to untangle). o.0 We'll see you all there next Weekend.
  3. JoneZ


    *sigh* Reminds me of home.... I miss home..
  4. Add me in for Saturday m8. sending pm now
  5. JoneZ


    Sounds like a plan Jb. Im interested to feel (for the first time on both accounts) the difference between the race frame and Zen frames. Probably will be the determining factor in which set I end up purchasing down the line. I was out messin around yesterday again -- wanting to fine tune the leader lines -- and I ended up sticking another knot in my top leaders so I could tune a little more ( I only had 3 knots starting at 11" in 1/2" decrements). so 1/4" by 1/4" I adjusted my top leaders, having my bottom leaders around 2 1/2". I ended up settling with my top leaders being around 9 1/2". Im starting to feel the sweet spot now. Its got to do with vertical and inverted flight, but more so with hovering in those positions. Right around that point (8" - 8 1/2" of brake) is where I can almost let the handles loose in my hands (just thumb and fingering the top of the handles), and be able to hover in place. Anything significantly more or less and I have to keep a more rigid grip on the handles, and therefor I struggle more hovering. I think my lines are a bit off again -- even though I re-measured them a few days back -- so I'll have to string them out and see. I noticed that in inverted flight, with my handles side by side I was listing slowly to the right..
  6. thats a great critique quaa. Thanks for that. Being new to Rev flying, and thinking of snagging a race frame, your post has caused a little bit of duality in me. hehe Now Im thinking of skipping the race rods and grabbing a set of zen rods. I mean, it's only $10 more and from the sound of your post, the performance is overall better, and a better fly, compared to the race rods. I'd love to hear more from others who have gotten a chance to compare these 2 frames. edit** Does anyone have the weight of both frames?
  7. JoneZ


    Correct me if Im wrong here, but it seems like theres a little more stability and ease of control with equipping a race frame. any truth to this? My logic is pretty simple really,, less weight = less fighting to keep it in the air? Also, what would be the wind range of a race frame on a 1.5SLE (std)? Now Im Jonezin for a race frame. lol. Alas,, money went to my new Clutch instead... On a more positive note,, I was out flying today in pretty gusty winds (so it was a little frustrating), but I am most definitely mastering inverted flight, inverted sliding, and vertical stalling and flight (rising and falling). Even managed to pull off multiple tip stands. Precision is still a bitch, but Im trying!! lol I managed to land a tip stand on the spine of my Widow, which was laying belly down in the field. Im such a geek that I actually looked around to see if anyone saw it too. rofl... The precision comes in waves for me, I notice. I'll be good with it, then for some reason, I just can't get a grip. Might be because of the wind conditions or a change in music. lol Yeah yeah, I know,, blame anyone except the operator. I think I've found my sweet spot in regards to leader lines. Not exactly Iquad style (that still drives me crazy -- can only fly inverted. lol), but it works for me. I have my bottom leaders at about 3", and my top leaders at around 11".
  8. Can't wait!!! Once again its gonna fall on my wifes birthday (26th). I showed her some pics of prior festivals -- got her interest peeked. Told her this year shes gotta take one for the team. lol See y'all there !
  9. Clarifying: The bottom of the handles should be jutted out, and the tops should be jarred back. Make yourself 2 sets of leader lines, made from 150# bridle line. Make the top set about 11" or so, with about 4-5 knots tied in it about 1/4" to 1/2" apart from eachother - starting at the very end of the leader. Make another set for for bottom lines -- these ones about 4-5" in length with a few knots about 1/2" apart. Try different settings and see what works best for you. BUT before you do, read this post for starters: http://www.revkites....der-adjustment/ As well as do some searching here or on kitelife's forums for leader lines. Heres a pic I borrowed from kitelife, so you can see kinda what Im talkin about: Guru4tru's handles.
  10. I'm in the same boat m8,, being new to rev flying as well. Launching right side up is a pain in lighter winds. You have to launch as baloo said. I also take a few brisk steps backward tp keep the sail filled, as well as keep the kites forward momentum going. When you give that first pull back to launch, you should end up with your hands close to your upper chest, your thumbs closest to your body (if that makes sense). Keep this hand position while you step backward. It's still a little hard for me at times, but is getting easier the more i practice it. You can also launch easier inverted, but it can be a little hard to rise without over controlling the rev, being new. It all gets easier with patience and practice. Do some searching on handles and leader lines here on the forum,, theres a lot of good info. Cheers, and welcome!
  11. uh oh..... tweaking..... My specialty. And here I was, just looking through this post, to see if it mattered if my top lines were an 1" longer than my bottoms. lol I quickly went outside and evened all the lines to 1 length so I could some back in and look over this pdf. hehe I'll have to give this board a shot. I really enjoy making bridles. I made just a simple line measurement board (a little jinky, but it works well), and used that to re-bridle my Widow -- just a 16"pc of plywood with 2 nails driven in 12" apart -- but this looks much much more intriguing.
  12. so basi **friggin PMPs..... So basically don't worry about the leading edge tension. Snug is good? Reason Im asking, is because with the vert. tightened up, there is a bit of vertical 'wrinkle' on the sail. Its by no means overtightened, but I just noticed that my leading edge tension wasn't the tightest in the world. I also tightened the top bungees as well, but noticed that it was putting a crease in my leading edge,, so I loosened it bit by bit til that was gone, then took up the rest on my bottom bungees (which I've had to adjust a total of 2x since initial flight).
  13. What about leading edge tension? I have a relatively new rev, with about 6 hours of flight in mod. to high winds. I've already re-tied the lower vert. bungees to compensate for that stretch, but I am noticing that my leading edge bungees aren't very tight. So, my Q, is what do I do about this, if anything? Thanks!!
  14. JoneZ


    Heheh. Yeah, Im a crackhead when it comes to dual lines, so I think this love affair with quads is gonna get pretty sick. lol Get ur ass to Oregon City and we'll do some pair flyin!!!! Before that, I need to save up for a race frame for sure.. I know the 1.5's are a 5-25Mph, but I would estimate more along the lines of 7-25Mph. We get more days of 2-5Mph than the higher wind range, so its gonna have to happen. Unfortunately not anytime soon, with the Jeep repairs and all, but its definitely on the list of things to get.
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