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    Flying Rev for a year now. Been flying stunt kite for the past 5 year.<br />-rev b.serie vtd<br />-krystal fx <br />-nirvana ul<br />-double 00<br />-deepspace<br />-and anything that flies.
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  1. wow! what an awsome weekend! We had so much fun! It just feel good to fly with you guys. We will try hard to go down to LSP. Ben, can't wait to see you again on our home grounds. Too many people to thanks, too many people to salute, so all at once, see you soon and thanks for the team flying!
  2. thanks for the good responce. My friend who filmed me as a really great video camera as you all saw. I know the flying is not really great, i put my line in the metal triangle of the dog stake, its really really sticky and my line will break for sure. I only flew with a dog stake maybe 2-3 time, 15min each session. I will rig something smoother for the next time. I tried without switching the handle... too much new information for my brain to process! Its actually fun to get hit by your own kite your flying!!
  3. We had so much fun at the Woods! I really enjoyed meeting you guys, new friends witch i cant wait to see again. Team flying is the best, I've learn so much! Thanks Scott and Jay to lead the megafly and thanks Scott to show me what a megaknot is! hihihi I will never forget the fly sunday afternoon before the banquet, that's was hot. Thanks to Betrix and Roger to make this possible, already looking forward for next year. and thanks everyone in here to post pictures on the forum! We didnt take any pictures of the weekend!
  4. photo i took of some iquad guys in wildwood 2008. I just love this pictures.
  5. a picture my girlfriend took before the sun got too low: guess witch color! hehe and this is my desktop background : ...hope its okay to use the rev logo
  6. is this famous? Parliement Hill, in Ottawa, capital of Canada
  7. Im 100% on this! We must all support our local shop. In my case, my friend who own the local kite store ask me to check on my side for a sail only.. its the reason of this post. Thanks for the reply, my friend will contact Ben or Lollie, like he always do anyways...
  8. interesting post! I has sure that the middle LE spar will blow in mid air under too much stress. I cant wait to see and hear the verticals explode in mid air... but i wont search for it for sure! i find it very satisfying to break a spar in mid air, when its not a stupid crash or accident. Like i often blow lower spreaders on my dual line kite, in mid air while pulling a hard half-axel or something like that in the center of the window. It feels great to push the kite to its max. Never broke my rev yet.... hope it will not be my race rods!
  9. Flying Rev for less than a year. I own 1 vtd b.series. More to come.... It's quite some revs for the number of pilot!
  10. hi, is it possible to buy just a sail? I already own a b.series vtd with a race frame, 3 wrap and 4 wrap. I would like to get just a std b.series sail... since i dont need another frame or handle. I thought i would only need a vtd sail so i could still fly my dual line in lower wind. But now i try to fly my vtd in like 1-3 mph wind, its fun to run backward, its a nice training and i'm getting tired of pumping the living hell out of the kite to let it in the air.... so i think its time for me to get a solid sail! Possible from revolution kites? thanks
  11. We are going to Wildwood for sure. We are starting our summer season of kite festival in quebec with.... wildwood! And we will say hello! ...put something on that says Aerochic please hehe!
  12. thanks! We want to go to Ocean City, my friend went a couple of years ago, he really enjoyed and its not that far from home. Oh well, at least im pretty sure we'll go back to Niagara kite festival this year too. My girlfriend Jessica took this photo at Old Orchard last september, I like it alot too.
  13. I hope you guys will make it to wildwood this year! its one of the reason im going again this year! Gotta find Beatrix email asap!
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