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  1. I've got to say your experience is totally different than mine. My race rods weight 78 grams. My diamond frames come in at fifty grams. Significantly less. I have flown Precision competition at 2-3 mph wind and scored very well when others could barely get their kites in the air. We have four sets now. Like them a lot. They also perform very well in a mid vent kite if you want the added stability of a mid but the winds are light.
  2. Carol and I might as well add our names to the list. We call ourselves "N Sync". Team members are Carol and Cass Pittman. We are based in San Diego. Contact E mail is [email protected] We mainly attend festivals on the West Coast although this year we branched out and visited Washington DC and Loisianna.
  3. kiter

    Arches National Park

    Flying a few masterpiece kites in Arches National Park. Though the wind was very bumpy, it was strong and the day was beautiful.
  4. kiter

    Great Places to Fly

    Flying in San Diego, Huntington Beach, And Washington State
  5. Gotta say my favorite of the main line Rev's is the Vented 1.5B series with 4 wrap if the wind is up. It reverses beautifully and is nice and crisp on precision moves. If you are asking about all Rev's - I love inja Eyes bysp, responsive, with dream reverse flying - very hard to beat. Elliot Shooks web vent is also major league outstanding with the same attributes as the Ninja Eyes, and if the wind is up, the Extra Vents are very forgiving. yUpu look like you have been flying precision all your life. Reverse octagons are child's play. But I love them all, just match the kite to the wind conditions.
  6. kiter

    Fading Light.jpg

    You're welcome. My pleasure. I had a great time flying in all these locations. They are all truely beautiful even though my megar photographic skills may not always demonstrate
  7. kiter


    Would love to be there with you. Have fun.
  8. Laura, we can give you a lift. What is you flight #, etc. Info? You can send it to [email protected]
  9. By the way, when do you get to HB? We will be there this coming Monday. I know the Fosters will be there early as well and so will John Mason.
  10. Too bad you couldn't stay long enough to make kite Party in Huntington Beach. Awesome experience. Maybe next year.
  11. Carol and Cass will be there. Winds have been great in SoCal lately. Sunny skies, great sunsets, good wind, and good friends. What could be better! See you there
  12. Congratulations! It sure is a great feeling when you get that first one. Feels like magic.
  13. Hi Louie, Would love to pick you up and then fly with you if the dates work out. Carol and I are out of town for Kite Party and then the Tennis tournament in La Quinta for a couple weeks. We are in town March 1-6 and then March 22 thru the end of the month. Let us know if this works. Great flying in San Diego.
  14. Carol and I have twenty-two with seven on order. Fly them all
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