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  1. hey guys, didn't mean to ANGER people with the CLASSIC "J.B. has got a NEW BAG" and the FONT ISSUE.... I'm a TOTAL CAVEMAN when it comes to FORUMS, I just did NOT realize the forum ROAD RULEZ..... I got it now.... I was just CURIOUS if anyone out there had FEELINGS about CHANGE.... Monkey has INSPIRED me with his RESPONCE and the I want to say thanks to all the RESPONSES.... in HONOR of BOTH JB's ..... I FEEL GOOD!!!! flying a REV!!!! like sugar and spice and a MUST SEE.... PORTLAND OREGON..... one handed INVERTED HOVER??? oh John, UR the MAN!!! this is why REV has made a WING with his DESIGN & NAME ON IT!!! I do like madquads idea..... just keep the REV in the air and U don't need the bag~~~
  2. hey John, well we have found 3 of us out here.... do you think it's a safety factor???? for the wing???? I have never had any damage to my wings from the other bags, but it could happen..... there MUST B an answer to why they would CHANGE to a HEAVIER MATERIAL, cause U would think it's gonna do NOTHING but ADD to the COST of the OVERALL manufacturing price????? not that I have an ISSUE with heavy material, it's just a BIT STIFF!!!! maybe it just needs some GOOD WORKING IN???? maybe a GOOD WASHING would break it in????
  3. Hey REEFRUNNER, U look like U sure got it going on there..... I use the litttle pocket on the side to hold PENS so that I can SIGN autographs from BEWILDERED CROWDS that have never seen a REV!!!! NOT!!! but it's a HANDY POCKET like U said for CIGS I only have one of them and all the rest of mine have the MORE SUPPLE MATERIAL.... so ONE out of 11 is not to bad, but I would like to see the softer material.... maybe it's a SAFETY THING so as the WING does NOT GET DAMAGED as with the softer MATERIAL??? any iQuad info about this???? what's the TEAMS VERDICT???? GOOD PICTURES REEF~~~
  4. hey REV heads..... anybody out there have the NEW version of the REV JB1.5 bags???? seems they have them made in MEXICO now out of CORDURA material that is STIFF and not as SUPPLE as the PREVIOUS BAGS???? or is it just ME??? has anyone tried to CUSTOMIZE the bag with a SNAP????
  5. Hey John, yes I realize that they are NO LONGER in production.... yo yo's are like kites to me.... just another toy on the end of a string.... I already have a G-Force yo yo with the FACTORY PACKAGING and it's gotta be the COOLEST thing around....in yo yo terms at least.... I'm bringing it with me to MIKE and hopefully the TEAM FACTORY will have all the info I want... again, yes they were VERY EXPENSIVE, but hey if it's got REV on it, then it's GOTTA BE WORTH IT!!!!
  6. Hey Dave, thanks for this info..... I took the BIG LEAP of faith last night and took a BLACK SHARPIE to one of my REV II sails and NO BLEED THROUGH!! I then went to a Prism E2 and tried that sail..... again NO BLEEDING, but on the sail of a Prism Micron....WATCH OUT!!!! what can a REV FLYER EXPECT, THIS IS IT: you can't TRUST A KITE!!!!!! stay SAFE and FLY A WING I will definately HUNT U down on the sand....looking for the WOW booth/set up... I will be arriving Friday late morning and staying until Sunday afternoon.... it's gonna be a LOAD of FUN!!! looking forward to meeting ALL the REV PLAYERS.... REV KITES R JUST 2 COOL 4 SCHOOL... 2 lines are COOL, but 4 lines will TAKE U 2 SCHOOL.... fly REV or stay on the PORCH!!!!
  7. Hey John, I'm just a NEW-B in this wing thing.... less than a year flying kites and only 3 months with a REV WING.... now I don't even know about TRADING CARDS, but what I do have is a KILLER REV G-FORCE Yo Yo.... I think that's pretty neat... any insider info on them??? thanks guys for your time...
  8. thanks Simone, this will be the first time EVER flying a KITE or a REV(there is a difference) with ANYONE ELSE let a lone flying off a beach pretty sad eh?? I don't have the 120's but I do have a 100' and some CUSTOM STREET LINES 12' 25' and 50' Lolly is top notch and Ben is right there to take up ANY SLACK.... I have dealt with them both and they are SELLING POINTS to REV!!!! thanks for all the effort and time on this... best regards...Tim
  9. GOOD AS iQuad GOLD and well, I wish I had a big ol stock of that in the bank.... so until then, I guess the sharpie is gonna do it..
  10. thanks Derek, this pen will cover all the bases??? SHARPIE and METALLIC.... is it a paint pen???? with the rattle inside??
  11. wow, now I got some answers going on.... not sure about the lipstick cause that seems ALMOST CRIMANALto do anything to a REV sail which won' allow you to fly it.... what I'm looking at is my 20yr Anv. edition and I wanted iQuad to SIGN the 1.5B series side of the sail.... Oh I won't forget to SNAG ol Ben & Lolly to sign over on the REV I side along with the BRO's.... should make it a KEEPER???? so I will be ARMED with METALLIC SILVER/GOLD and a black SHARPIE just for fun.... oh and it's gonna be FUN!!!!!!
  12. alright, then we have confirmation??? standard sharpie is gonna work on a REV SAIL???? here's a good question.....are all REV sails the same material???? maybe it bleed on some sails and not others????
  13. I tried a SHARPIE on an old Prism kite sail and it went BALLISTIC with the bleeding, needless to say I didn't try much....maybe REV sail material is WAY DIFFERENT than Prism kite sail material???? thanks for the input....
  14. I like the idea that the TEAM SIGNS IN ONE COLOR ONLY!!! thanks for the input.... it's gonna be a blast in OC...
  15. thanks for the reply on this John... so most any paint pen with a RATTLE inside will do and won't bleed into the sail material???? I will try to track the Edding pen, cause the Germans care... any suggestion of what color works best for showing signatures???? seems metallic gold or silver??? or just a solid color??? I'm open to ALL SUGGESTIONS...
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