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  1. Sorry to say that Melanie and I will NOT be there this year.
  2. gasbuddy is a great tool for finding the cheapest gas
  3. Ben, can I impose on you/Revolution for a prize or two for Rev Games winners?
  4. jumping back to water consumption...Pre-hydrate. The water you drink the 24 hours before is a major factor in whether or not you get dehydrated. If you are feeling dehydrated on the flying field you are already playing catch-up.
  5. Juice Defender, it's an app to help reduce battery consumption. Wunderground has an app, for getting quick weather info.
  6. It cracks me up that the kids don't ever look at you. By the way, do you know that you almost never turn to your left? Maybe that's just a function of feeling cramped.
  7. I would go 40 and 20 for outdoor, and whatever's left for indoor (maybe a 12' set when all is said and done). Personally, I like 90lb LPG for indoor because the weight helps the line fall away from potential tangles and snags, but since you already have it, you might as well use it.
  8. registration form link: http://www.skyfestivals.com/pdf/WIKF12_reg_form.pdf I will be running rev games again this year. Any requests? Also, is anybody looking to share a room? (either one you have booked already, or you haven't and want in on one)
  9. Happy Birthday Carolyn. I know I'm late, but you have plenty of time left yet.
  10. maybe some kind of sail repair tape incase of a tear. Wayne, I just noticed the new improved forum name. I think it reflects a good turn in attitude.
  11. Love it! My wife would really dig that on a shirt. Maybe I'll get her one for a present....shhhhhh....nobody tell her.
  12. Hell yeah! What she said. Happy Birthday Ant.
  13. We also travel with our roll up bags. The only things taken out are the kite stakes. Like Watty, no problems ever. Closest thing is the ticket desk sometimes thinks you will have to gate check the bag, but when you get to the plane nobody bats an eye. You walk right on and stick it in the back of the overhead where there will still be room for peoples boring carry-ons in front. Sometimes we use an entire overhead compartment, but that's because there are three of us each with his or her own kite bag.
  14. My first attempt to see what it might cost to get the Tennessee Wind Militia there turned up a rather scary per person price. $12726 Economy Japan Airlines TYS JL TYS 7:00a AMS 5:45p7:00a AMS JL AMS 11:55a TYS 3:35p11:55a AMS 5:45p TYS 3:35p 52h 45m 3 33h 40m 3 details pin share 3 sites Jal $12726Check:TravelocityExpediaAmerican Airlines operates flight 7009. American Eagle for American Airlines operates flight 7441, 7440. Finnair operates flight 7071, 7809, 7808, 7070. print
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