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  1. Jasper21

    Line Managment and care

    Figure 8 or straight wind ..... how about stretching and alternating lines?
  2. Jasper21

    Useing 3p skyshark rods for leading edge and vert spars

    Sounds like you are comparing small diameter rods (1/4" ID) to the SLE leading edge (7/16" ID) set. The skysharks fly great and if you break one you aren't out much. I would recommend just getting a set new 3 wraps for your SLE. The new 3 wraps are the smaller (1/4"ID) rods and fly similar to the skysharks, and not enough at your level (assumption I know) for you to notice, nut you will notice in the pocket book. Save the money and spend more time flying. As an aside, I find comparable rev rods to be stiffer than the skysharks.
  3. Jasper21

    Silver Bullet rods for me?

    Kites don't fly unless they have silver bullets
  4. Jasper21

    Double Progressive Stack

    Clarification on the adjustment ... Kent - Do you mean adjust each kite slightly shorter on the top line in relation to each other, or just at the handles?
  5. Jasper21

    Happy Birthday Mousieo

    little late, but happy bday!
  6. Jasper21

    I NEED a vented b-series. Please Help

    Another thought would be a vented SLE. They are less expensive then the b-series.
  7. Jasper21

    A New Masterpiece by Jon Burkhart

    I hate Rev. I quit.
  8. Jasper21

    For Sale: Power Blast 2-4 (Brand New)

    Any luck with the sale?
  9. Jasper21

    Happy Birthday Mr.Kitelife!

    Happy Bday
  10. Jasper21

    Sail to Weight Ratio

    Hey if the calculator gives you 3 decimals then use them. Nobody rounds anymore, that is old school, pre-computer math.
  11. Jasper21

    Hard core xxxx

    I saw that kite at Grand Haven. It is awesome. Perhaps my favorite Rev to date. Then again i do like artwork that incorporates skulls, perhaps its from growing up in Tucson and seeing the cool El Día de los Muertos celebrations and the happy go lucky skulls and skeletons.
  12. Jasper21

    Power Kite Forum/Info

    Thanks for all the info. I will try to digest some of it. I will probably be back with more questions. Who knew kites would take over my life?
  13. Jasper21

    Power Kite Forum/Info

    Revolution are pretty much the only kites I know. This past weekend I got to fly a power kite from HQ, I am interested in gettting one, but don't anything about them. Can any of you point me towards a good forum for learning about power kites?
  14. Jasper21

    What A Weekend

    Looking through my camera from this weekend I found the real pic of Jeepster flying with iQuad .....
  15. Jasper21

    EXP for noob

    Kent - You did explain that the mandatory "wind for the kite you didn't buy" will be around for about 2 weeks. If it is your first kite then you won't have the right winds for 3 weeks. Just don't want Kimbo getting discouraged.