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  1. I am booked for sat and sunday, I could only be there on Monday so will have to give it a miss. I was looking forward to it this year. Keith
  2. Jon I will also be there on Sunday and fly a lime/blue rev. there will be a few missing as its the basingstoke kite festival this weekend but will still be good. Keith
  3. I got the same mail and I am hoping to get there again this year Keith
  4. Was a great day, lots of fun. Thanks Andy for putting the pictures up. Thanks to everyone for taking part. Keith
  5. The parking is £1.50 but you do get a voucher for 50p to spend in the centre so as long as you use it it is really £1
  6. I would like to join in, will wait to see where.
  7. Happy Birthday.... Ben

  8. Are there any Rev fliers that fly at Arbroath, I am spending a week there in september and it would be nice to meet up with someone. Somewhere not too far away would be ok as well. Regards Keith
  9. Centre column at bottom. Keith
  10. I am tied up for Sat and Sun but could posibly make it for the Monday, will there be a few rev fliers still there?
  11. I have found Kiteworld to be great, just placed and order for a set of rev lines and had them in a week. Found that calling them in the past has been no problem. Keith
  12. I am coming up from Watford, looking forward to a good weekend. Keith
  13. Dunc in Devon flys at Woolacombe Bay, try sending him a message Im sure he would love to fly with someone and would be willing to help. Regards Keith
  14. Add a Zen to my collection and that makes 7
  15. It was an excellent weekend and thanks to everyone for their part in organising it. It was great to meet up with someof the guys that were just names on the forum before.
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