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  1. Festival in Canada since 12min17 on video http://www.radio-canada.ca/widgets/mediaconsole/medianet/6787707
  2. In China : http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzY3OTIzMzY4.html
  3. Thank you Ben! Fly in new places, my envy(urge)!
  4. In research for unusual places, a flight(theft) otherwise.... http://youtu.be/wa4l0ZJucw8
  5. steff

    Steff Vidéo

    Hello I use B-Serie with bars 2 feathers and of P90 by small wind and a bridage which I conceived
  6. steff


    Thank you everybody!!!
  7. steff


    After my doublet 8 days ago in French championship, here I am on returning to the moment of the Europe Cup with another two other international titles: champion of Europe in 4 lines (for the 3rd time) and vice champion of Europe in 2 lines (for the 7eme time). Balance sheet(Assessment) 2011: 4 championships
  8. Steff champion of France 2011 for 11 ème time! Thank you Revolution
  9. Hello, I had never had the opportunity to film my flights. I have finally of the material(equipment) to film then Here we are, I begin! Here is my first small movie during a session of very quiet flight!!
  10. Super chouette Fabrice!
  11. Thanks to you all! It is moving of lira of so beautiful things! Proud to be your friend!
  12. Thank you all! <br clear="all">
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