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  1. Sammy Was flying one of the kite just his amazing body and face was not on film. His kite was though..................
  2. Looks like the Colorado state Flag GOAT!
  3. Thats awesome...... Keep up the great work
  4. I just hide them in my pants, nobody ever questions me!
  5. GOOD now thats that! love ya 2 brada!
  6. Excuse me? did you just say this to my face? wowzers there goes our bacon relationship!
  7. Happy Birthday PETE from your best buddy and number one RePete..........
  8. Sorry you were working the Kite attached to the pole or was it the other way around hmmmmmm
  9. MIss you to PAPA! and yes i love being jewish its who i am. Ask Rabbi Comras and Cardinal Alden, And Biship Duuuugard.
  10. Any Custom bacon Jewish Kites dad????
  11. This was the first time i saw his SIG and i could not stop laughing and i mean I WAS LAUGHINGGGGG
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