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    I've been before. Free parking if you get there early and we brought food and tailgated. They do have a roped off demo area but there is room to fly on most of the grass area. I am planning on going Sunday. I would love to meet some local Rev fliers I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet !! Bring your kite and look for a grey and blue tent or better yet look for me flying :-) Hope to see you there.
  2. quaddict


    Any Rev fliers planning on attending ? http://www.fdkf.org/
  3. Yes the new 4 wrap have 4 feathers
  4. I'll be there ! We can snap some pics together ! See you on the beach
  5. quaddict


    Can't wait to see and fly with you guys there ! Keep us posted on the weather for us later in the week arrivers
  6. She's finally home And she flies like a DREAM !!!!!!!
  7. I'm sure we can make that happen for you ,shouldn't be a problem at all
  8. quaddict


    FYI to anyone interested out there. Just cancelled a room @ Edgwater Inn, so if anyone is looking for a place to book a room you can try there.
  9. Are you making it out to the BASKL free kite clinic with John Barresi in Berkeley @ the end of the month?
  10. Ok here goes... Rev 1.5 B-series full vent B-pro full vent B-pro mid-vent B-pro full sail Supersonic a Decorator full sail and soon to add a Zen once I try one at WSIKF lines all LPG 50#x12' 90#x30' 90#x50' 90#x75' 50#x85' 2 - 90#x85' 90#x120' 150#x100 2wrap 3wrap 4wrap race rods My current set covers Almost all the wind window except the no to extremely low wind. Hence the interest in the ZEN. IMHO I think having all options available will allow you to fly more often not less IMHO. I've only been at this for a year or so but this is what I have discovered in my own humble experiences.
  11. Looks like this clinic is gonna be a blast !!!!!! Let's get signed up on the www.baskl.org site. I've been spreading the word. It's gonna be a kite party !
  12. Wow!!! Now that's alot of brake!!!!!
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