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  1. Many thanks. He has already replied and I have sent him my question, and it seems that he is the right person for this. I can't complain about response time Rob.
  2. Robert

    birds nest

    When you quack - do it quietly Nice one. Rob
  3. Thanks Just did that Just strange that there is no email address on the site. Rob
  4. Can some one help with an email address for Revolution (the company) as I do not see one on the web page and I have a question I would rather not bring up in the forum. Thanks Rob
  5. Take the spars right out of the sail (every time)- sand in the pocket is going to sandpaper the rod. As long as the sail is dry a quick shake before inserting should work fine. Rob
  6. Hi, might be a good idea to do some research - it sounds very similar to various methods used by sailors an aero modelers. You might get some ideas from them Rob
  7. Nice one. The kite surfers often get the dolphins, to get the wales they usually have to go a bit further out than they usually do - but their faces tell it all when they get in Rob
  8. I must be one of the few people left on the planet that has no clue about Facebook, I've heard about it, just never had a use for it. Just about the same as I felt about a Rev 2 months ago Can you fly it inverted - and does it go well to music ? Rob
  9. I don't know why I want another Rev - who's counting anyway Rob
  10. Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it - it looks so far that windfinder will be better, but that's what we get live at the bottom of the right side of Africa at least the worst in winter is "sandals or shoes". Rob.
  11. After spending hours trying to teach a flexifoil to hover inverted. Hi my name is Rob - I'm a Revoholic
  12. I like that site - just wish that there was something like that for us. The best I can find for this part of the world is windfinder.com Nice one - thanks Rob
  13. Hi there, Didn't know that one - I was on the point of working it out myself but now I know, and will use - thanks. The best thing about flying in winter - we don't get winter just got back from the beach - my rev is in hospital, it need some stiches, so I had my Flexifoil Sting and was teaching it to fly like a rev:) Now I'm nice and weary and have had plenty of comments from the tourists I must just remeber to put in some slow music for the Flexi good fun tho. Rob
  14. Those stakes are art works - too nice to actually use Until the exchange rates get sensible I won't be in the market If the centre of gravity is low enough - have you thought of using a baton style ring holster? They might be cheaper/easier to make, and they are easier to wear. Wish you the best, starting a business is tough - never forget you deserve to win Thanks Rob
  15. Man those conditions scare the heck out of me - anything below 16 C is freezing for me, you guys need some sunshine Wish you luck and good winds
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